Toshiba patents granted on 02 December 2014

47 US patents granted on 02 December 2014 and assigned to Toshiba

1 8,904,437 Similar content search device and computer-readable storage medium
2 8,904,434 Information display apparatus and information display method
3 8,904,285 Keyword extraction apparatus and program
4 8,904,142 Semiconductor memory system controlling writing of data to nonvolatile memories using consecutive logical addresses
5 8,904,094 Memory system in which extended function can easily be set
6 8,904,065 Buffer management device, buffer management method, and storage device
7 8,903,835 Information device and information presentation method for selected object information corresponding to device location
8 8,903,544 Sheet handling apparatus and sheet handling method
9 8,903,470 Determining velocity of cerebrospinal fluid by magnetic resonance imaging
10 8,903,469 Determining velocity of cerebrospinal fluid by magnetic resonance imaging
11 8,903,225 Video editing device, video editing method, program, and medium in which the program is recorded
12 8,903,146 Image diagnosis apparatus
13 8,903,041 X-ray diagnostic apparatus
14 8,903,038 X-ray CT device
15 8,902,675 Semiconductor memory device
16 8,902,670 Semiconductor memory device
17 8,902,664 Semiconductor memory device
18 8,902,662 Memory system having nonvolatile semiconductor memories with control operation having high-current and low-current periods
19 8,902,657 Semiconductor memory device and controller
20 8,902,654 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
21 8,902,634 Resistance change type memory and manufacturing method thereof
22 8,902,540 Disk storage apparatus and method for servo controlling
23 8,902,480 Image forming apparatus, reading apparatus and reading method
24 8,902,461 Communication control apparatus and communication control system for transmitting a scanned image via a NGN
25 8,902,438 Digital combined apparatus, control method therefor, and digital combined apparatus system
26 8,902,383 Organic electroluminescent device, lighting apparatus, and method for manufacturing the organic electroluminescent device
27 8,902,257 Apparatus and method for producing a thumbnail image including a magnified characteristic region and another deformed region and non-transitory computer-readable medium thereof
28 8,902,067 Antenna core and method of manufacturing the same, and antenna and detection system using the same
29 8,901,990 Semiconductor integrated circuit device having power enable lines transferring control signals
30 8,901,876 Charge/discharge determining apparatus and computer-readable medium
31 8,901,856 Detection circuit, power circuit, and luminaire
32 8,901,848 Lighting apparatus
33 8,901,780 Image forming apparatus
34 8,901,635 Semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing the same
35 8,901,633 Semiconductor storage device and method for manufacturing the same
36 8,901,622 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
37 8,901,595 Semiconductor light emitting device
38 8,901,530 Nonvolatile memory device using a tunnel oxide as a passive current steering element
39 8,901,012 Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
40 8,900,984 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing same
41 8,900,962 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
42 8,899,949 Refrigerant compressor and refrigeration cycle apparatus
43 8,899,855 Erasing apparatus and conveyance control method for recording medium
44 8,899,795 Lamp device and lighting fixture including LED as light source and metallic cover
45 8,899,769 Display device and backlight for display device
46 8,899,705 Decoloring apparatus capable of displaying reuse ratio of decolored sheets
47 8,899,569 Sheet procecessing apparatus