Toshiba patents granted on 02 February 2016

55 US patents granted on 02 February 2016 and assigned to Toshiba

1 RE45,876 MR imaging scan using ECG-prep scan
2 D748,800 X-ray apparatus for medical treatment
3 D748,799 X-ray apparatus for medical treatment
4 D748,798 X-ray apparatus for medical treatment
5 9,253,726 Wireless communication apparatus
6 9,253,725 Communication terminal, communication method, and computer readable medium
7 9,253,377 Image processing device and image processing system where de-mosaic image is generated based on shift amount estimation of pixels of captured images
8 9,253,169 Memory and storage devices to be authenicated using a host device, authenication system and host device
9 9,253,083 Network system
10 9,252,924 Wireless apparatus and wireless system
11 9,252,810 Memory system and method of controlling memory system
12 9,252,600 Connection apparatus for power converter
13 9,252,597 Electric power management apparatus, system and method
14 9,252,358 Semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
15 9,252,357 Magnetoresistive element
16 9,252,335 Semiconductor light emitting element and method for manufacturing same
17 9,252,291 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
18 9,252,290 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory element, nonvolatile semiconductor memory, and method for operating nonvolatile semiconductor memory element
19 9,252,277 Semiconductor device
20 9,252,177 Solid state imaging device
21 9,252,170 Solid-state imaging device and line sensor
22 9,252,108 Semiconductor device having magnetic shield layer surrounding MRAM chip
23 9,252,097 Semiconductor memory device
24 9,252,027 Method of forming pattern, manufacturing method of semiconductor device and template
25 9,251,994 X-ray tube assembly and X-ray computerized tomography scanner
26 9,251,993 X-ray tube and anode target
27 9,251,991 Laser ion source
28 9,251,919 Pressurized water reactor
29 9,251,918 Semiconductor memory device
30 9,251,905 Semiconductor integrated circuit including a voltage boosting or lowering circuit
31 9,251,903 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and control method thereof
32 9,251,902 Semiconductor storage device
33 9,251,892 Memory system and method of controlling nonvolatile memory
34 9,251,808 Apparatus and method for clustering speakers, and a non-transitory computer readable medium thereof
35 9,251,055 Memory system and control method of memory system
36 9,250,837 Image forming system and image forming method
37 9,250,802 Shaping device
38 9,250,617 Smoothing device, smoothing system, and computer program product
39 9,250,597 Foreign matter removing apparatus, color erasing apparatus, and foreign matter removing method
40 9,250,584 Fixer that forms a nip with an induction-heated belt and an image forming apparatus having the same
41 9,250,583 Fixing device having a movable heating section for increasing calorific value and an image forming apparatus
42 9,250,568 Image forming apparatus and image forming method
43 9,250,542 Overlay/alignment measurement method and overlay/alignment measurement apparatus
44 9,250,512 Exposure amount evaluation method and photomask
45 9,250,306 Magnetic resonance imaging using technique of positioning multi-slabs to be imaged
46 9,250,303 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method
47 9,250,221 Standard sample and method of preparing same
48 9,250,142 Pressure sensor, microphone, blood pressure sensor, and touch panel
49 9,249,967 Lamp having outer shell to radiate heat of light source
50 9,248,662 Color erasing apparatus deciding whether or not to store read image data, image storage method and image storage system
51 9,248,661 Decoloring method and decoloring device
52 9,248,635 Electrostatic chuck, mount plate support, and manufacturing method of electrostatic chuck
53 9,248,403 Carbon dioxide recovery device and carbon dioxide recovery method
54 9,248,397 Carbon dioxide separating and capturing apparatus and method of operating same
55 9,247,917 X-ray computed tomography apparatus