Toshiba patents granted on 02 January 2007

34 US patents granted on 02 January 2007 and assigned to Toshiba

1 7,159,236 Transmission/reception integrated radio-frequency apparatus
2 7,159,115 Method and apparatus for encrypting data
3 7,159,075 Memory card authentication system, capacity switching-type memory card host device, capacity switching-type memory card, storage capacity setting method, and storage capacity setting program
4 7,159,019 Information collection apparatus and method
5 7,158,820 Mobile communication terminal
6 7,158,766 Wideband amplifier compensating input capacitance, radio transceiver, semiconductor integrated circuit and wideband amplification method
7 7,158,714 Image recording/reproducing apparatus and method
8 7,158,657 Face image recording system
9 7,158,501 Wireless communication apparatus
10 7,158,483 Communication node and communication terminal
11 7,158,462 Reproduced signal evaluation method, information recording medium, information reproducing apparatus, information reproducing method, and information recording method
12 7,158,444 Semiconductor memory device
13 7,158,428 Semiconductor memory device having hierarchical bit line structure
14 7,158,413 Semiconductor memory device with MOS transistors, each including a floating gate and a control gate, a control method thereof, and a memory card including the same
15 7,158,406 Data write method of magnetic random access memory
16 7,158,398 Semiconductor memory device having row decoder in which high-voltage-applied portion is located adjacent to low-voltage-applied portion
17 7,158,334 Method and apparatus for head positioning control with disturbance compensation in a disk drive
18 7,158,331 Disk drive having control circuit board mounted outside casing and head actuator coupled capacitor mounted inside casing on printed circuit board
19 7,158,271 Image processing apparatus
20 7,158,163 Light beam scanning apparatus capable of shortening the standby time and image forming apparatus capable of shortening the standby time
21 7,158,160 Optical beam scanning device and image forming apparatus
22 7,157,998 Ferrite core, deflection yoke, and color picture tube apparatus
23 7,157,871 Intermittent drive control apparatus of motor
24 7,157,843 Transfer film, method for forming metal back layer, and display device
25 7,157,777 Semiconductor device including silicided source and drain electrodes
26 7,157,749 Bipolar transistor with a GaAs substrate and a SiGe base or collector
27 7,157,748 Nitride-based semiconductor device
28 7,157,368 Method of accelerating test of semiconductor device
29 7,157,340 Method of fabrication of semiconductor device
30 7,157,157 Organic EL element and organic EL display
31 7,156,693 Electronic apparatus with pointing device on the housing
32 7,156,480 Ink-jet head driving method and ink-jet recording apparatus
33 D534,665 Light emitting diode lamp
34 D534,492 Optical transmission conversion device