Toshiba patents granted on 02 March 2010

41 US patents granted on 02 March 2010 and assigned to Toshiba

1 D611,011 Portion of light-emitting diode
2 D610,814 Image display apparatus
3 7,673,281 Pattern evaluation method and evaluation apparatus and pattern evaluation program
4 7,673,265 Simulation apparatus and control method of simulation
5 7,673,258 Design data creating method, design data creating program product, and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
6 7,673,159 Device state control method and information processing apparatus
7 7,673,155 Microprocessor with improved task management and table management mechanism
8 7,673,152 Microprocessor with program and data protection function under multi-task environment
9 7,672,994 Data relay method and information processing method
10 7,672,905 Apparatus and method for rendering digital content
11 7,672,880 Automated accounting system, method and computer-readable medium for MFP devices
12 7,672,700 Portable information terminal
13 7,672,651 Tuner circuit
14 7,672,632 Fixing apparatus using induction heating system for image forming apparatus
15 7,672,435 Radiation therapy apparatus
16 7,672,375 Video encoding/decoding method and apparatus
17 7,672,334 Wireless communication apparatus and transmission control method
18 7,672,169 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory and driving method thereof
19 7,672,168 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device adapted to store a multi-valued data in a single memory cell
20 7,672,164 Semiconductor integrated circuit device with a stacked gate including a floating gate and a control gate
21 7,672,158 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device having non-selected word lines adjacent to selected word lines being charged at different timing for program disturb control
22 7,672,118 Electronic apparatus
23 7,672,074 Thermally assisted magnetic recording method
24 7,672,019 Enhancing resolution of a color signal using a monochrome signal
25 7,671,934 Display device and display device stand
26 7,671,878 Thermal printer and paper recognition method
27 7,671,805 Antenna apparatus and article management system
28 7,671,771 Optical quantizing unit and optical A/D converter
29 7,671,747 Wireless tag and method of reading data from a wireless tag
30 7,671,683 Semiconductor integrated circuit and method for adjusting a capacitance value of a phase compensating capacitor
31 7,671,655 Level conversion circuit for a semiconductor circuit
32 7,671,552 Control device
33 7,671,475 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory having a word line bent towards a select gate line side
34 7,671,472 Semiconductor device and fabrication method for the same
35 7,671,397 Switching element
36 7,671,372 Digital signal transfer device
37 7,670,891 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
38 7,670,755 Photomask correcting method and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
39 7,670,066 Camera device
40 7,669,987 Ink jet recording apparatus
41 7,669,608 Substrate treating method, substrate-processing apparatus, developing method, method of manufacturing a semiconductor device, and method of cleaning a developing solution nozzle