Toshiba patents granted on 02 October 2007

33 US patents granted on 02 October 2007 and assigned to Toshiba

1 7,278,125 Semiconductor integrated circuit pattern verification method, photomask manufacturing method, semiconductor integrated circuit device manufacturing method, and program for implementing semiconductor integrated circuit pattern verification method
2 7,278,112 Portable information apparatus
3 7,278,001 Memory card, semiconductor device, and method of controlling semiconductor memory
4 7,277,942 Scheme for information delivery to mobile computers using cache servers
5 7,277,932 Method of notifying function identification information and communication system
6 7,277,845 Communication support apparatus and method
7 7,277,729 Base station apparatus and terminal apparatus
8 7,277,624 Digital video system
9 7,277,622 Recording medium of stream data, and recording method and playback method of the same
10 7,277,540 Arithmetic method and apparatus and crypto processing apparatus for performing multiple types of cryptography
11 7,277,520 Electronic apparatus having a communication device
12 7,277,434 Method for SIP-mobility and mobile-IP coexistence
13 7,277,367 Tracking error detection device and tracking error detection method for optical disk apparatus
14 7,277,341 Semiconductor memory device
15 7,277,339 Semiconductor storage device precharging/discharging bit line to read data from memory cell
16 7,277,325 Semiconductor memory device
17 7,277,323 Non-volatile semiconductor memory
18 7,277,322 Semiconductor memory device having ECC circuit
19 7,277,318 Magnetic random access memory and method of manufacturing the same
20 7,277,262 CPP magnetoresistive head including a pair of shields and a sense current preamplifier
21 7,277,006 Chip resistor
22 7,276,838 Piezoelectric transducer including a plurality of piezoelectric members
23 7,276,784 Semiconductor device and a method of assembling a semiconductor device
24 7,276,773 Power semiconductor device
25 7,276,757 Semiconductor device with shallow trench isolation and method of fabricating the same
26 7,276,750 Semiconductor device having trench capacitor and fabrication method for the same
27 7,276,735 Laminated semiconductor substrate and optical semiconductor element
28 7,276,706 Radiation detector
29 7,276,465 Erasable image forming material
30 7,276,303 Direct methanol fuel cell system, portable electronic appliance, and method of detecting an amount of liquid fuel remaining in direct methanol type fuel cell system
31 7,276,125 Barrel type susceptor
32 7,275,833 Cooling system and projection-type image display apparatus using the same
33 7,275,832 Screen box apparatus, projecting apparatus, and projecting method