Toshiba patents granted on 02 September 2008

40 US patents granted on 02 September 2008 and assigned to Toshiba

1 D576,177 Digital audio player
2 D576,122 Television receiver
3 D576,121 Television set
4 7,421,609 Method, system and apparatus for producing a clock with desired frequency characteristics
5 7,421,584 Digital watermark detection method and apparatus
6 7,421,309 Control device of injection molding machine
7 7,421,284 Electronic device removably mounted on portable terminal equipment
8 7,421,230 Image forming apparatus and method that performs image-process magnification alteration to image data
9 7,421,148 System and method for detecting obstacle
10 7,421,109 Pattern inspection apparatus
11 7,421,062 X-ray CT apparatus and data detecting method of X-ray CT apparatus
12 7,421,002 Laser-induced optical wiring apparatus
13 7,420,940 Radio communication system and radio terminal
14 7,420,896 Information recording apparatus
15 7,420,890 Objective lens actuator and optical disk apparatus
16 7,420,863 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device which stores multivalue data
17 7,420,853 Semiconductor storage device and semiconductor storage device driving method
18 7,420,843 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
19 7,420,840 Semiconductor device that is advantageous in operational environment at high temperatures
20 7,420,798 Portable microcomputer and display unit
21 7,420,786 Arrangement of a magneto-resistance effect element having a surface contacting a side face of an electrode and magnetic memory using this arrangement
22 7,420,773 Disk device including an air pressure compensation bag
23 7,420,559 Video rendering apparatus and method and program
24 7,420,513 Circularly polarized antenna device
25 7,420,413 Amplifier circuit of BTL system
26 7,420,368 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method
27 7,420,351 Power-factor correction device for variable speed drive
28 7,420,320 Piezoelectric thin film device and method for manufacturing the same
29 7,420,259 Semiconductor device having two-layered charge storage electrode
30 7,420,249 Semiconductor device formed in semiconductor layer arranged on substrate with one of insulating film and cavity interposed between the substrate and the semiconductor layer
31 7,420,245 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
32 7,420,241 Semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
33 7,420,230 MOSFET-type semiconductor device, and method of manufacturing the same
34 7,420,214 Array substrate for display device
35 7,419,910 Slurry for CMP, polishing method and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
36 7,419,744 Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery and battery pack
37 7,419,613 Method and device for plasma-etching organic material film
38 7,419,420 Substrate holding mechanism, substrate polishing apparatus and substrate polishing method
39 7,419,382 Printed circuit board, electronic device, and manufacturing method for printed circuit board
40 7,419,156 Overlapped-sheet detection apparatus