Toshiba patents granted on 03 April 2012

55 US patents granted on 03 April 2012 and assigned to Toshiba

1 8,151,225 Pattern layout designing method, semiconductor device manufacturing method, and computer program product
2 8,151,216 Electronic apparatus and list display method of electronic apparatus
3 8,151,167 Program processing device and program processing method
4 8,151,036 Memory controller, memory system, and access control method of flash memory
5 8,150,670 Simulator and simulation method
6 8,150,635 Method and an apparatus for determining nucleotide sequence, and a computer program product to be executed by the apparatus
7 8,150,539 Information processing apparatus and method for controlling power supply of the apparatus
8 8,150,465 Environmental monitoring using mobile devices and network information server
9 8,150,306 Fixing device for image forming apparatus
10 8,150,299 Toner supplying apparatus and toner supplying method for image forming apparatus
11 8,150,275 Toner cartridge
12 8,150,233 Apparatus for and method of analyzing video contents
13 8,150,177 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, defect detection method, semiconductor device manufacturing method, and program
14 8,150,168 Electronic apparatus and image display control method of the electronic apparatus
15 8,150,073 Impedance converting circuit and electronic device
16 8,149,992 X-ray tube target, X-ray tube using the same, X-ray inspection device and method of producing X-ray tube target
17 8,149,910 Image encoding/image decoding method and image encoding/image decoding apparatus
18 8,149,722 Method and apparatus for detecting VPN communication
19 8,149,674 Optical recording medium, information recording method, and information reproducing method
20 8,149,672 Optical recording medium, information recording method, and information reproducing method
21 8,149,638 Semiconductor memory device and inspecting method of the same
22 8,149,631 Non-volatile semiconductor storage device
23 8,149,629 Semiconductor storage device adapted to prevent erroneous writing to non-selected memory cells
24 8,149,623 Controller and non-volatile semiconductor memory device
25 8,149,611 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
26 8,149,609 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
27 8,149,606 Semiconductor memory device
28 8,149,583 Storage device and electronic apparatus
29 8,149,538 Magnetic head for perpendicular recording and disk drive with the same
30 8,149,533 Load/unload control method and apparatus for a magnetic disk drive
31 8,149,471 Image reading apparatus, image reading method and image reading program for cross-talk noise reduction
32 8,149,444 Printing control system
33 8,149,437 Image forming apparatus with user authentication
34 8,149,337 Video processing apparatus and video processing method
35 8,149,299 Apparatus and method for generating a picture having a high visibility
36 8,149,055 Semiconductor integrated circuit device
37 8,149,020 Differential amplifier, sample-and-hold circuit, and amplifier circuit
38 8,148,981 MRI apparatus and MRI method for SSFP with center frequency and 1st order gradient moments zeroed
39 8,148,970 Reference current generating circuit
40 8,148,890 Light-emitting device and method for manufacturing the same
41 8,148,789 Non-volatile semiconductor storage device and method of manufacturing the same
42 8,148,787 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
43 8,148,769 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
44 8,148,717 Manufacturing method for semiconductor device and semiconductor device
45 8,148,714 Light-emitting device and method for producing light emitting device
46 8,148,274 Semiconductor device having oxidized metal film and manufacture method of the same
47 8,148,240 Method of manufacturing semiconductor chips
48 8,148,217 Semiconductor manufacturing method and semiconductor device
49 8,148,216 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory and process of producing the same
50 8,148,183 Method for manufacturing semiconductor light emitting device
51 8,148,175 Manufacturing apparatus for semiconductor device and manufacturing method for semiconductor device
52 8,148,054 Immersion multiple-exposure method and immersion exposure system for separately performing multiple exposure of micropatterns and non-micropatterns
53 8,147,180 Axial flow turbine and stage structure thereof
54 8,146,908 Stapling unit, sheet finishing apparatus, and stapling method
55 8,146,905 Sheet finisher, image forming apparatus using the same, and sheet finishing method