Toshiba patents granted on 03 January 2006

25 US patents granted on 03 January 2006 and assigned to Toshiba

1 6,983,462 Method and apparatus for serving a request queue
2 6,983,458 System for optimizing data type definition in program language processing, method and computer readable recording medium therefor
3 6,983,413 Data processing method using error-correcting code and an apparatus using the same method
4 6,983,411 Receiving apparatus and method using multicarrier modulation
5 6,983,384 Graphics controller and power management method for use in the same
6 6,983,374 Tamper resistant microprocessor
7 6,983,254 Method and apparatus for accepting and processing an application for conformity of a user dictionary to a standard dictionary
8 6,983,191 Semiconductor manufacturing line availability evaluating system and design system
9 6,983,167 Wireless communication system and wireless station
10 6,983,156 Information processing apparatus and communication setting method
11 6,983,108 Optical switching apparatus and optical transmission apparatus
12 6,983,059 Digital watermark detecting device and method thereof
13 6,983,027 OFDM transmit signal receiver
14 6,982,970 Data transfer method and radio terminal for executing transport layer protocol on radio network
15 6,982,904 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and electric device with the same
16 6,982,900 Semiconductor integrated circuit device
17 6,982,845 Magnetic recording apparatus and magnetic recording method
18 6,982,815 Image reading apparatus
19 6,982,759 Amplification type solid-state imaging device having a potential detecting circuit for each unit cell and high-speed readout method thereof
20 6,982,590 Bias current generating circuit, laser diode driving circuit, and optical communication transmitter
21 6,982,472 Semiconductor device and capacitor
22 6,982,467 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
23 6,982,453 Semicondutor device having ferroelectric capacitor and hydrogen barrier film and manufacturing method thereof
24 6,982,444 Ferroelectric memory device having a hydrogen barrier film
25 6,982,198 Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method