Toshiba patents granted on 03 January 2012

33 US patents granted on 03 January 2012 and assigned to Toshiba

1 D651,601 Portable information terminal unit
2 8,091,046 Set of masks, method of generating mask data and method for forming a pattern
3 8,090,391 Wireless communication base station device configured to use plural communication schemes, and wireless communication system
4 8,090,267 Complementary optical wiring apparatus
5 8,090,192 Pattern misalignment measurement method, program, and semiconductor device manufacturing method
6 8,090,186 Pattern inspection apparatus, pattern inspection method, and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
7 8,090,170 Medical image storage device
8 8,090,151 Face feature point detection apparatus and method of the same
9 8,090,096 Tilting mechanism and electronic apparatus
10 8,090,029 Dynamic image encoding device and method
11 8,089,927 Wireless communication device
12 8,089,868 Wireless communication apparatus and wireless communication method using variable transmission rate
13 8,089,818 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
14 8,089,806 Method for controlling semiconductor storage device comprising memory cells each configured to hold multi-bit data, and memory card provided with semiconductor storage device
15 8,089,796 Information recording and reproducing device
16 8,089,780 Semiconductor switch and power conversion system provided with semiconductor switch
17 8,089,675 Optical beam scanning apparatus, optical beam scanning method, image forming apparatus and image forming method
18 8,089,669 Apparatus and control method for image reading, image forming apparatus
19 8,089,544 Image sensor and driving method therefor
20 8,089,543 Solid-state image pickup element and solid-state image pickup device
21 8,089,413 Radio apparatus and antenna adapted for contactless communication
22 8,089,412 Antenna device and radio communication device
23 8,089,411 Information equipment with a plurality of radio communication antennas
24 8,089,319 Wide range interpolative voltage controlled oscillator
25 8,089,131 Micro movable device
26 8,089,121 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
27 8,089,120 Semiconductor memory device
28 8,089,119 Semiconductor memory device and write method of the same
29 8,089,081 Semiconductor light emitting device
30 8,088,689 Method of fabricating semiconductor device
31 8,088,661 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory with resistance elements and method of manufacturing the same
32 8,088,514 Nonaqueous electrolyte battery having a negative electrode active material with a lithium insertion potential of at least 0.2V (vs.Li/Li+) or formed of a lithium titanium oxide or a titanium-containing composite oxide
33 8,087,769 Method and apparatus for forming image