Toshiba patents granted on 04 December 2007

36 US patents granted on 04 December 2007 and assigned to Toshiba

1 D556,752 Recording medium
2 7,305,261 Band pass filter having resonators connected by off-set wire couplings
3 7,305,232 Apparatus and method for mapping a location of wireless base stations in a mobile communication system
4 7,305,213 Receiver and wireless LAN apparatus in which a received signal is correlated to a reference symbol
5 7,305,201 Image forming apparatus having a cooling structure
6 7,305,199 Display control apparatus for image forming apparatus
7 7,305,197 Fixing device of image forming apparatus
8 7,305,187 Optical communications system
9 7,305,172 Digital video system
10 7,305,116 Extracting method of pattern contour, image processing method, searching method of pattern edge, scanning method of probe, manufacturing method of semiconductor device, pattern inspection apparatus, and program
11 7,305,085 Encryption apparatus and method, and decryption apparatus and method based on block encryption
12 7,304,884 Semiconductor memory device
13 7,304,825 CCP-CCP-GMR head assembly with good operating life, and magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus therewith
14 7,304,772 Image-reading apparatus
15 7,304,730 Inspection apparatus having two sensors, method for inspecting an object, and a method for manufacturing a photolithography mask
16 7,304,686 On-screen display signal processing device
17 7,304,684 Image pickup apparatus, method of making, and electric apparatus having image pickup apparatus
18 7,304,660 Optical beam scanning device and diaphragm device capable of adjusting light quantity distribution
19 7,304,659 Optical beam scanning device and image forming apparatus
20 7,304,650 Video object clipping method and apparatus
21 7,304,649 Object region data describing method and object region data creating apparatus
22 7,304,594 Transmitting and receiving device and transmitting device and receiving device
23 7,304,581 Mobile information apparatus and moving method therefor, and information system and position estimation method
24 7,304,452 Motor control device
25 7,304,331 Nitride semiconductor device such as transverse power FET for high frequency signal amplification or power control
26 7,304,320 Charged beam exposure apparatus, charged beam control method and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
27 7,304,273 Heating device and fixing device
28 7,303,965 MIS transistor and method for producing same
29 7,303,946 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device using an oxidation process
30 7,303,838 Negative electrode active material for nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery and nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
31 7,303,659 System for preventing adhesion of marine organisms
32 7,303,621 Ink composition for inkjet
33 7,303,529 Ultrasonic diagnostic equipment and ultrasonic image generation method
34 7,303,457 Method of bonding display substrates by application of an electric current to heat and melt a bonding material
35 7,303,360 Underwater inspecting and repairing system
36 7,302,850 Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and image processing apparatus