Toshiba patents granted on 04 September 2007

61 US patents granted on 04 September 2007 and assigned to Toshiba

1 7,266,829 Optical head apparatus, optical head transferring method and optical disk apparatus
2 7,266,801 Design pattern correction method and mask pattern producing method
3 7,266,759 Semiconductor integrated circuit device and error checking and correcting method thereof
4 7,266,745 Programmable scan shift speed control for LBIST
5 7,266,735 Semiconductor device having ECC circuit
6 7,266,694 Network relay device, communication device and network relay method
7 7,266,669 File system with file management function and file management method
8 7,266,649 Storage apparatus and area allocation method
9 7,266,640 Memory card authentication system, capacity switching-type memory card host device, capacity switching-type memory card, storage capacity setting method, and storage capacity setting program
10 7,266,577 Modular multiplication apparatus, modular multiplication method, and modular exponentiation apparatus
11 7,266,482 Computer-aided designing assistant apparatus and method of assisting designing of environmentally conscious product
12 7,266,387 Communication terminal unit capable of receiving a message and method for identifying a message sender in the same
13 7,266,356 Mobile communication terminal apparatus and mobile communication method
14 7,266,332 Image forming apparatus for recycling toner
15 7,266,224 Person recognizing apparatus, person recognizing method and passage controller
16 7,266,108 Method and apparatus for receiving diversity signals for use in OFDM radio communication system
17 7,266,068 Optical disk apparatus and method of controlling the optical disk apparatus
18 7,266,067 Disk reproducing apparatus and disk reproducing method
19 7,266,066 Information recording apparatus and information recording method
20 7,266,034 Data recording device
21 7,266,025 Semiconductor integrated circuit
22 7,266,023 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device which reads by decreasing effective threshold voltage of selector gate transistor
23 7,266,016 Electrically rewritable nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
24 7,266,012 Magnetoresistive effect element and magnetic memory
25 7,266,011 Magneto-resistance effect element and magnetic memory
26 7,265,984 Heat dissipation device for electronic equipment
27 7,265,982 Semiconductor device
28 7,265,950 Magnetoresistance effect element, its manufacturing method, magnetic reproducing element and magnetic memory
29 7,265,930 Medium and apparatus for magnetic recording and method for measuring the offset amount
30 7,265,923 Apparatus and method for controlling inhibition of data writing in disk drive
31 7,265,875 Halftone super-cell optimization for artifact reduction
32 7,265,858 Method and system to access address books
33 7,265,775 Three-dimensional display apparatus
34 7,265,768 Image forming apparatus
35 7,265,740 Suppression of leakage current in image acquisition
36 7,265,701 Analog to digital conversion circuit
37 7,265,695 Video signal processing apparatus and video signal processing method
38 7,265,634 System and method for phase-locked loop initialization
39 7,265,526 Semiconductor device
40 7,265,484 Color picture tube with curved shadow mask
41 7,265,428 Semiconductor device having NMOSFET and PMOSFET and manufacturing method thereof
42 7,265,427 Semiconductor apparatus and method of manufacturing the semiconductor apparatus
43 7,265,419 Semiconductor memory device with cell transistors having electrically floating channel bodies to store data
44 7,265,400 Semiconductor device including field-effect transistor using salicide (self-aligned silicide) structure and method of fabricating the same
45 7,265,396 Semiconductor device
46 7,265,394 Spin tunnel transistor
47 7,265,385 Active matrix type display device and method of manufacturing the same
48 7,265,022 Method of fabricating semiconductor device with STI structure
49 7,265,020 Semiconductor device with DRAM cell and method of manufacturing the same
50 7,265,017 Method for manufacturing partial SOI substrates
51 7,264,994 Method of fabricating a semiconductor device
52 7,264,909 Exposure parameter obtaining method, exposure parameter evaluating method, semiconductor device manufacturing method, charged beam exposure apparatus, and method of the same
53 7,264,897 Fuel cell system
54 7,264,529 Method of manufacturing an image display device having a sealing portion which seals peripheral edges of front and back substrates
55 7,264,238 Feed paper apparatus
56 7,263,766 Insulating substrate, manufacturing method thereof, and module semiconductor device with insulating substrate
57 7,263,733 Bed apparatus for image diagnosis and its attachments
58 D550,365 Probe for an ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus
59 D550,359 Controller for an x-ray apparatus for medical treatment
60 D550,268 Liquid crystal projector
61 D550,176 Television receiver