Toshiba patents granted on 05 August 2008

35 US patents granted on 05 August 2008 and assigned to Toshiba

1 7,409,655 Method of designing semiconductor integrated circuit and apparatus for designing the same
2 7,409,475 System and method for a high-speed shift-type buffer
3 7,409,341 Speech recognizing apparatus with noise model adapting processing unit, speech recognizing method and computer-readable medium
4 7,409,330 Method and system for software debugging using a simulator
5 7,409,267 Predictive robot, control method for predictive robot, and predictive robotic system
6 7,409,215 Mobile communication hand-off control system and unit
7 7,409,185 Sheet post-process apparatus and waiting tray
8 7,409,179 Image forming apparatus and absorbing roller with optimum pressing force
9 7,409,173 Image forming apparatus and exhaust mechanism
10 7,409,170 Developing apparatus, image forming apparatus and density detection method
11 7,409,168 Image forming apparatus, process cartridge and developing method
12 7,409,064 Music reproduction apparatus, audio player, and headphone
13 7,408,929 Radio communication system, terminal and packet
14 7,408,871 Optical disc with wobbled tracks and apparatus using this optical disc
15 7,408,869 Optical disk and optical disk apparatus
16 7,408,868 Information storage medium, information recording method, and information recording/reproduction apparatus
17 7,408,858 Information storage medium including a system lead-in area, a connection area, a data lead-in area and a data area
18 7,408,824 Ferroelectric memory with spare memory cell array and ECC circuit
19 7,408,811 NAND-type flash memory on an SOI substrate with a carrier discharging operation
20 7,408,682 Image reading apparatus
21 7,408,672 Image processing apparatus, image forming apparatus and image forming method
22 7,408,567 Light beam scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus
23 7,408,528 Image processing apparatus and method using evacuated reference images
24 7,408,498 Secondary surveillance radar and its interrogation transmission method
25 7,408,468 Apparatus for communication with article having a wireless tag
26 7,408,368 Semiconductor integrated circuit device having pads respectively provided with pad portions
27 7,408,262 Semiconductor integrated circuit device
28 7,408,226 Electronic card with protection against aerial discharge
29 7,407,864 Polysilazane perhydride solution and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device using the same
30 7,407,848 Methods of manufacturing semiconductor thin film, electronic device and liquid crystal display device
31 7,407,839 Method of manufacturing active matrix substrate with height control member
32 7,407,156 Sheet finishing apparatus
33 D574,541 Recessed lighting fixture
34 D574,341 Television set
35 D574,332 Device user-control-interface with a detachable display