Toshiba patents granted on 05 February 2008

33 US patents granted on 05 February 2008 and assigned to Toshiba

1 7,328,444 Shaft support mechanism of optical disk drive and skew adjustment mechanism of optical disk drive
2 7,328,408 Apparatus and method for extracting and sharing information
3 7,328,356 Apparatus and method for saving power in a disk drive with a serial ATA interface connected to a host via a serial ATA bus
4 7,328,073 Controller for processing apparatus
5 7,327,975 Toner cartridge and developing device with tapered and untapered regions
6 7,327,941 System for handling audio information with representative image
7 7,327,940 Information storage system capable of recording and playing back a plurality of still pictures
8 7,327,938 System for recording digital information including audio information
9 7,327,875 Method and apparatus for color conversion
10 7,327,818 Sync pattern detection method and apparatus
11 7,327,657 Reproduction signal evaluation method
12 7,327,616 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
13 7,327,507 Optical beam scanning device having two sets of f.theta. mirrors where the mirror base and mirror face have differing coefficients of linear expansion
14 7,327,500 Image inputting apparatus
15 7,327,498 Image reader for use in image forming apparatus
16 7,327,477 Image forming apparatus and image forming method
17 7,327,455 Process monitoring system, process monitoring method, and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
18 7,327,449 Exposure apparatus inspection method and exposure apparatus
19 7,327,436 Method for evaluating a local flare, correction method for a mask pattern, manufacturing method for a semiconductor device and a computer program product
20 7,327,417 Display device
21 7,327,407 Integrated structural screen panel for projection television
22 7,327,265 RF tag reader/writer and printer containing the RF tag reader/writer
23 7,327,201 Semiconductor integrated circuit device and wireless communication device
24 7,327,057 Neutral-point terminal device for dynamoelectric machine
25 7,327,040 Module substrate and disk apparatus
26 7,327,013 Stencil mask with charge-up prevention and method of manufacturing the same
27 7,326,993 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory and method for fabricating the same
28 7,326,982 MRAM and method of manufacturing the same
29 7,326,943 Electron beam irradiating apparatus and irradiating method
30 7,326,920 Multi function peripheral having radio reader and writer for communicating with IC chips
31 7,326,861 Shielding cover having cooling fin and optical scanning device
32 7,325,731 Self-checkout terminal
33 7,325,418 Press forming system for glass