Toshiba patents granted on 05 June 2012

52 US patents granted on 05 June 2012 and assigned to Toshiba

1 RE43,448 Multifunction peripheral with template registration and template registration method
2 8,196,146 Information processing apparatus, parallel processing optimization method, and program
3 8,196,077 Cell-library-for-statistical-timing-analysis creating apparatus and statistical-timing analyzing apparatus
4 8,196,071 Creating mask data of integrated circuit patterns using calculated etching conversion difference
5 8,196,008 Semiconductor memory device and method of controlling the same
6 8,195,993 Semiconductor integrated circuit device
7 8,195,975 Semiconductor integrated circuit device and clock control method
8 8,195,872 Method of controlling semiconductor memory card system
9 8,195,863 Information processor capable of supplying power to an electronic device connected thereto
10 8,195,845 Memory system having high data transfer efficiency and host controller
11 8,195,713 Information life-cycle management system, information management server apparatus, electronic media control apparatus, and storage medium
12 8,195,697 Database creation method, database device and design data evaluation method
13 8,195,464 Speech processing apparatus and program
14 8,195,433 Optimum value search apparatus and method, recording medium, and computer program product
15 8,195,071 Developing device
16 8,195,066 Image forming apparatus and toner supplying apparatus
17 8,194,961 Method, apparatus, and computer-readable medium for pre-reconstruction decomposition and calibration in dual energy computed tomography
18 8,194,787 Communication system, transmitter, communication method, and transmitter detection method
19 8,194,735 Video encoding apparatus and video encoding method
20 8,194,518 Optical disc device and optical disc playback method
21 8,194,472 Semiconductor memory device
22 8,194,467 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
23 8,194,465 Non-volatile semiconductor storage device
24 8,194,461 Semiconductor memory device having dummy cells in NAND strings applied with an additional program voltage after erasure and prior to data programming
25 8,194,453 Three dimensional stacked nonvolatile semiconductor memory
26 8,194,445 Semiconductor storage device comprising dot-type charge accumulation portion and control gate, and method of manufacturing the same
27 8,194,434 Resistance change memory device
28 8,194,400 Electronic device
29 8,194,361 Spin-torque oscillator, magnetic head including the spin-torque oscillator, and magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus
30 8,194,350 Head, head suspension assembly, and disk drive provided with the same
31 8,194,346 Disk drive housing with ribbed cover
32 8,194,299 Image forming apparatus and image quality adjustment method of image forming apparatus
33 8,194,267 Image forming apparatus and method of the same
34 8,193,863 Push-pull output circuit
35 8,193,833 Semiconductor integrated circuit for monitoring characteristics of a semiconductor chip
36 8,193,767 Power receiving device, and electronic apparatus and non-contact charger using the same
37 8,193,711 Metal halide lamp
38 8,193,693 Image display device and light emission device
39 8,193,643 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
40 8,193,621 Semiconductor device
41 8,193,616 Semiconductor device on direct silicon bonded substrate with different layer thickness
42 8,193,577 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
43 8,193,571 Stacked type nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing same
44 8,193,453 Electronic apparatus and printed wiring board
45 8,193,100 Exposure mask manufacturing method, drawing apparatus, semiconductor device manufacturing method, and mask blanks product
46 8,193,058 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
47 8,193,056 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
48 8,193,021 Nitride semiconductor and method for manufacturing same
49 8,192,859 Secondary battery, battery pack and car
50 8,191,758 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
51 8,191,422 Copying apparatus
52 8,191,233 Head stack assembly incorporating device, magnetic disk device manufacturing device, and method of manufacturing magnetic disk device