Toshiba patents granted on 06 March 2012

52 US patents granted on 06 March 2012 and assigned to Toshiba

1 RE43,229 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device, including multiple heat treatment
2 8,132,193 Disk ejecting unit and optical disk device including the same
3 8,132,067 OFDM receiving apparatus and OFDM receiving method
4 8,131,977 Microprocessor inhibiting instruction storage in cache and not decoding based on pre-analysis information to reduce power consumption
5 8,131,912 Memory system
6 8,131,900 Bus signal control circuit for detecting bus signal abnormalities using separate bus diagnosis line
7 8,131,807 Communication apparatus
8 8,131,499 Electronic apparatus and disk protection method
9 8,131,338 MR imaging providing tissue/blood contrast image
10 8,131,327 Mobile communication apparatus
11 8,131,192 Image forming apparatus for forming image on record medium
12 8,131,186 Developing device
13 8,131,177 Image forming apparatus
14 8,131,127 Broadcast receiving apparatus and broadcast receiving method
15 8,131,080 Handwriting determination apparatus and method and program
16 8,131,060 Process control method, data registration program, and method for manufacturing electronic device
17 8,130,896 Method of controlling criticality of nuclear fuel cycle facility, method of producing uranium dioxide powder, reactor fuel rod, and fuel assembly
18 8,130,868 Radio communication apparatus, radio communication method and program storage medium
19 8,130,850 Wireless transmission device
20 8,130,840 Apparatus, method, and computer program product for generating interpolated images
21 8,130,839 Information processing apparatus with video encoding process control based on detected load
22 8,130,832 Video decoding device and video decoding method
23 8,130,803 Light emitting device
24 8,130,618 Disk apparatus to which iterative decoding is applied and method for operating log likelihood ratios in the same
25 8,130,589 Semiconductor memory device using only single-channel transistor to apply voltage to selected word line
26 8,130,570 Data transfer circuit
27 8,130,562 Semiconductor memory device having shift registers
28 8,130,557 Memory system and method of writing into nonvolatile semiconductor memory
29 8,130,555 Nonvolatile semiconductor storage device and method of erase verifying the same
30 8,130,545 Nonvolatile semiconductor storage device
31 8,130,492 Information processing apparatus and nonvolatile semiconductor storage device
32 8,130,477 Magneto-resistance effect element having a diffusive electron scattering layer, magneto-resistance effect head, magnetic storage and magnetic memory
33 8,130,466 Disk drive and magnetic circuit fixing method for the same
34 8,130,434 Optical beam scanning apparatus, optical beam scanning method, image forming apparatus and image forming method
35 8,130,234 Computer graphics rendering apparatus and method
36 8,130,187 OCB liquid crystal display with active matrix and supplemental capacitors and driving method for the same
37 8,130,170 Electronic apparatus
38 8,130,048 Local oscillator
39 8,130,026 Booster circuit and voltage supply circuit
40 8,129,931 Motor control device, motor drive system, washing machine, air conditioner and method of changing magnetization amount of permanent magnet motor
41 8,129,903 Organic electroluminescent display device
42 8,129,816 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
43 8,129,798 Semiconductor device comprising fully-depleted and partially-depleted FinFETs
44 8,129,792 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
45 8,129,790 HOT process STI in SRAM device and method of manufacturing
46 8,129,776 Semiconductor device
47 8,129,774 EEPROM with increased reading speed
48 8,129,766 Semiconductor memory device comprising shifted contact plugs
49 8,129,254 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
50 8,128,986 Method for producing catalyst-layer-supporting substrate, method for producing membrane-electrode assembly and method for producing fuel cell
51 8,128,286 X-ray CT apparatus
52 8,128,263 Light source unit and lighting apparatus having light-emitting diodes for light source