Toshiba patents granted on 06 October 2009

36 US patents granted on 06 October 2009 and assigned to Toshiba

1 D601,724 High intensity discharge lamp
2 7,600,213 Pattern data verification method, pattern data creation method, exposure mask manufacturing method, semiconductor device manufacturing method, and computer program product
3 7,600,140 Logic circuit system and method of changing operating voltage of a programmable logic circuit
4 7,600,043 Information appliance and access control method
5 7,599,817 Abnormality cause specifying method, abnormality cause specifying system, and semiconductor device fabrication method
6 7,599,667 Wireless communication apparatus and semiconductor device
7 7,599,654 Image forming apparatus and paper ejection method of image forming apparatus
8 7,599,651 Image forming apparatus including grooved cam and link mechanism engaging with grooves of the grooved cam
9 7,599,645 Drive connection mechanism, and image forming apparatus having the drive connection mechanism
10 7,599,567 Image encoding apparatus and image encoding method
11 7,599,548 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
12 7,599,517 Digital watermark detecting device and method thereof
13 7,599,495 Content delivery service providing apparatus and content delivery service terminal unit
14 7,599,459 Receiving apparatus, data transmission system and receiving method
15 7,599,437 Video encoding/decoding method and apparatus
16 7,599,358 Telephone system, its log-in management method and server device
17 7,599,206 Non-volatile semiconductor storage device
18 7,599,172 Electronic speed controller with modular layout
19 7,599,156 Magnetoresistive element having specially shaped ferromagnetic layer
20 7,599,141 Disk drive apparatus, electronic circuit for disk drive apparatus and powering method therefor
21 7,598,993 Imaging apparatus and method capable of reading out a plurality of regions
22 7,598,988 Systems and methods for data recording
23 7,598,791 Semiconductor integrated apparatus using two or more types of power supplies
24 7,598,761 Semiconductor integrated circuit having a degradation notice signal generation circuit
25 7,598,658 Ultrasonic probe
26 7,598,604 Low profile semiconductor package
27 7,598,578 Magnetic element and signal processing device
28 7,598,577 Magnetic memory device
29 7,598,568 Semiconductor apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
30 7,598,562 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
31 7,598,151 Semiconductor device fabrication method
32 7,597,990 Fuel cell and fuel cell system
33 7,597,982 Fuel cell system with a gas supply pump that applies negative pressure to the anode and cathode
34 7,597,434 Ink-jet apparatus and method of the same
35 7,597,428 Ink jet head
36 7,597,320 Apparatus for processing paper sheets and method of processing paper sheets