Toshiba patents granted on 07 July 2009

48 US patents granted on 07 July 2009 and assigned to Toshiba

1 D595,712 Mobile information terminal
2 7,559,044 Automatic design method of semiconductor integrated circuit, automatic design system of semiconductor integrated circuit, and semiconductor integrated circuit
3 7,559,031 Video display apparatus, video composition delivery apparatus, and system
4 7,558,996 Systems and methods for identifying errors in LBIST testing
5 7,558,924 Systems and methods for accessing memory cells
6 7,558,813 Random number generating device
7 7,558,624 Apparatus for reverse iontophoresis and method for reverse iontophoresis
8 7,558,522 Image forming apparatus having toner cleaner and toner cleaning method
9 7,558,500 Image forming device having division counters associated with each division and an undefined counter which is not associated with the division
10 7,558,499 Fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus
11 7,558,437 Method and apparatus for image processing
12 7,558,376 Rotating anode X-ray tube assembly
13 7,558,225 Radio communication system
14 7,558,148 Memory controller
15 7,558,141 Memory system, semiconductor memory device and method of driving same
16 7,558,139 Semiconductor memory device
17 7,558,126 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
18 7,558,120 Semiconductor integrated circuit device comprising MOS transistor having charge storage layer and method for testing semiconductor memory device
19 7,558,118 NAND flash memory device
20 7,558,117 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
21 7,558,113 Memory system and data writing method
22 7,558,103 Magnetic switching element and signal processing device using the same
23 7,557,969 Color balance correction chart, color balance correction method, and image forming apparatus
24 7,557,962 System and method for tone-dependent multi-frequency halftone screening
25 7,557,850 Digital camera with a plurality of display screens
26 7,557,821 Laser exposure device and optical axis adjustment method in laser exposure device
27 7,557,820 Optical multi-beam scanning device and image forming apparatus
28 7,557,762 Electronic apparatus with antennas
29 7,557,752 Apparatus and method for communication
30 7,557,743 D/A converter
31 7,557,660 Power amplification device
32 7,557,575 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method
33 7,557,545 Electric power unit operating in continuous and discontinuous conduction modes and control method therefor
34 7,557,453 Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing a semiconductor device and substrate to be used to manufacture a semiconductor device
35 7,557,422 Semiconductor device with STI structure
36 7,557,401 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
37 7,557,400 Semiconductor device in which capacitance of a MOS capacitor is complemented with the capacitance of a wiring capacitor
38 7,557,384 Semiconductor light emitting device and semiconductor light emitting unit
39 7,557,373 Thin-film transistor substrate including pixel regions where gate electrode lines are arrayed on an insulating substrate, and display therewith
40 7,557,040 Method of manufacture of semiconductor device
41 7,557,018 Element fabrication substrate
42 7,556,899 System for controlling an overlay, method for controlling overlay, and method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
43 7,556,896 Inspection method and photomask
44 7,556,887 Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery with negative electrode having a La.sub.3Co.sub.2Sn.sub.7 type crystal structure
45 7,556,754 Method and apparatus for generating an injection speed pattern
46 7,556,502 Connector and contacts for use in the connector
47 7,556,441 Optical connector and process for connecting optical fibers
48 7,556,252 Sheet post-processing apparatus