Toshiba patents granted on 07 October 2008

46 US patents granted on 07 October 2008 and assigned to Toshiba

1 D578,119 Hard drive enclosure
2 D578,083 Light emitting diode
3 D578,082 Light emitting diode
4 7,434,135 Decoder and method for decoding low-density parity-check code
5 7,434,111 Non-volatile memory system having a pseudo pass function
6 7,434,074 Logic circuit system and method of changing operating voltage of a programmable logic circuit
7 7,434,066 Portable electronic device
8 7,434,063 Authentication method, apparatus, and system
9 7,434,005 Preload controller, preload control method for controlling preload of data by processor to temporary memory, and program
10 7,433,978 Semiconductor device for transferring first data to a setting/resetting circuit block
11 7,433,753 Virtual clothing modeling apparatus and method
12 7,433,637 Image forming apparatus and method of manufacturing electronic circuit using the same
13 7,433,611 Image forming apparatus that judges lifetime of photosensitive unit
14 7,433,576 Video data recording/reproducing apparatus and video data management method for use in the same
15 7,433,474 Method and apparatus of enciphering and deciphering data using keys enciphered and deciphered with other keys
16 7,433,259 Semiconductor memory device having layered bit line structure
17 7,433,242 Semiconductor memory device and driving method of the same
18 7,433,234 Floating-body cell (FBC) semiconductor storage device having a buried electrode serving as gate electrode, and a surface electrode serving as plate electrode
19 7,433,179 Electronic apparatus having universal human interface
20 7,433,110 Three-dimensional light ray input apparatus
21 7,433,080 System and method for conversion of duotone images for display
22 7,432,983 Moving-picture processing method and moving-picture processing apparatus with metadata processing
23 7,432,924 3D digital subtraction angiography image processing apparatus
24 7,432,870 Planar antenna
25 7,432,819 Apparatus for continuous cooling of electrical powered equipment
26 7,432,735 Programmable gate array apparatus and method for switching circuits
27 7,432,638 Acoustic backing composition, ultrasonic probe and ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
28 7,432,579 Semiconductor device with horizontal MOSFET and Schottky barrier diode provided on single substrate
29 7,432,574 Magnetic recording element and magnetic memory
30 7,432,570 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
31 7,432,561 Non-volatile semiconductor memory and method for manufacturing a non-volatile semiconductor memory
32 7,432,542 Semiconductor device with electrostrictive layer in semiconductor layer and method of manufacturing the same
33 7,432,535 Semiconductor light emitting device
34 7,432,530 Solid-state imaging device and method of manufacturing same
35 7,432,515 Charged particle beam lithography apparatus and method
36 7,432,196 Semiconductor chip manufacturing method, semiconductor chip, semiconductor device manufacturing method, and semiconductor device
37 7,432,154 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
38 7,432,147 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
39 7,432,131 Stacked memory and manufacturing method thereof
40 7,432,021 Reticle, apparatus for monitoring optical system, method for monitoring optical system, and method for manufacturing reticle
41 7,432,003 Mixing tank for fuel cell
42 7,431,999 Perpendicular magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus
43 7,431,625 Prebroken panel, display, and method of manufacturing the same
44 7,431,624 Method of manufacturing organic EL element
45 7,431,499 C-arm holding apparatus and X-ray diagnostic apparatus
46 7,430,896 Liquid leak sensing structure