Toshiba patents granted on 07 October 2014

67 US patents granted on 07 October 2014 and assigned to Toshiba

1 D714,782 Electronic computer
2 8,856,839 Content transmitter, content receiver, and content distribution method
3 8,856,653 Video display apparatus, video display management apparatus, video display method and video display management method
4 8,856,626 Decoder, decoding method and communication apparatus
5 8,856,625 Transmission system, decoding device, memory controller, and memory system
6 8,856,614 Semiconductor memory device detecting error
7 8,856,613 Semiconductor storage device, memory control device, and control method of semiconductor memory
8 8,856,556 System and method for verifying and maintaining consistency between an intended power mode and an actual power mode in a semiconductor integrated circuit
9 8,856,468 Memory device capable of improving write processing speed and memory control method
10 8,856,200 Exponentiation calculation apparatus and exponentiation calculation method
11 8,856,199 Random number generator circuit and cryptographic circuit
12 8,856,035 Store system and sales registration method
13 8,856,032 Adjustment of a security level of a self-checkout system based on shopper assistant intervention
14 8,856,010 Apparatus and method for dialogue generation in response to received text
15 8,855,743 Non-contrast magnetic resonance perfusion imaging
16 8,855,542 Fuser, image forming apparatus, and image forming method
17 8,855,540 Fuser for equalizing temperature of heat generating section
18 8,855,539 Induction heating type fuser and image forming apparatus
19 8,855,532 Image forming apparatus and image forming method for forming an image covering another image by a color erasable recoding material
20 8,855,464 Video reproductions apparatus and video reproduction method
21 8,855,382 MRI mammography with facilitated comparison to other mammography images
22 8,855,306 Node distributed with group key and group key updating
23 8,855,297 Device and authentication method therefor
24 8,855,269 Medical image display apparatus and X-ray computed tomography apparatus
25 8,855,247 Wireless receiving apparatus and method
26 8,855,163 Optical semiconductor device
27 8,854,914 Semiconductor memory device
28 8,854,896 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
29 8,854,895 Semiconductor memory device
30 8,854,883 Fusion memory
31 8,854,878 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
32 8,854,874 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device including variable resistance element
33 8,854,706 Auto document feeding device
34 8,854,673 Image forming apparatus and image forming method for controlling sending of an advertising packet
35 8,854,661 Tool for positioning an icon on a display
36 8,854,585 Liquid crystal display exhibiting Kerr effect comprising electrodes having combtooth portions that include a first convex surface with a ridge shape
37 8,854,547 Video display apparatus, source apparatus, video display method, and video display system
38 8,854,534 Image processing apparatus, focus adjusting method, and camera module
39 8,854,521 Solid-state image sensing device and control method of solid-state image sensing device
40 8,854,513 Imaging device to output an electric signal and vary gain based on temperature of an imaging element
41 8,854,295 Liquid crystal display for displaying an image using a plurality of light sources
42 8,854,117 Semiconductor device
43 8,854,112 FET drive circuit and FET module
44 8,854,041 Spatially shaped pre-saturation profile for enhanced non-contrast MRA
45 8,854,024 Power supply circuit
46 8,854,021 DC-DC converter and DC-DC conversion method
47 8,854,014 Battery charging apparatus, electronic apparatus, and charging method
48 8,853,974 Method for hot connecting a motor to a variable speed drive
49 8,853,954 Power supply for illumination and luminaire
50 8,853,936 Organic electroluminescent device and lighting apparatus
51 8,853,896 Rotating electrical machine
52 8,853,808 Radiation detector
53 8,853,775 Insulated gate bipolar transistor having control electrode disposed in trench
54 8,853,766 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device including pillars buried inside through holes
55 8,853,742 Semiconductor device having nitride layers
56 8,853,711 Semiconductor light emitting device and method for manufacturing same
57 8,853,668 Light emitting regions for use with light emitting devices
58 8,853,661 Metal aluminum nitride embedded resistors for resistive random memory access cells
59 8,853,638 Radioactivity evaluation method and radioactivity evaluation system
60 8,853,609 Solid-state imaging device with multiplexed read-out and shutter states
61 8,853,099 Nonvolatile resistive memory element with a metal nitride containing switching layer
62 8,852,996 Carbon doped resistive switching layers
63 8,852,976 Method for manufacturing semiconductor light emitting device
64 8,852,530 Automated analyzer
65 8,852,109 Ultrasound imaging apparatus and a method for generating an ultrasound image
66 8,851,374 Coupon device
67 8,851,247 Damper, washing machine and washing/drying machine