Toshiba patents granted on 09 February 2016

53 US patents granted on 09 February 2016 and assigned to Toshiba

1 9,258,917 Gas insulated electrical equipment
2 9,258,828 Wireless communication apparatus and method
3 9,258,602 System and method for transmitting a video signal from a transmitter to a receiver and reading and writing EDID
4 9,258,557 Rate optimization for scalable video transmission
5 9,258,441 Image forming apparatus with menu display and method for controlling the same
6 9,258,284 Server, method of group key notification and program
7 9,258,137 Bridge apparatus and bridge system with a virtual device for protocol conversion
8 9,257,849 Electrical quantity adjusting apparatus, electrical quantity adjusting method, electrical quantity adjusting program and power supply system
9 9,257,829 Grounding apparatus
10 9,257,771 Card connector and electronic apparatus
11 9,257,727 Assembled battery and battery pack
12 9,257,700 Electrode, nonaqueous electrolyte battery and battery pack
13 9,257,693 Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery and battery module
14 9,257,640 Memory device and method for manufacturing the same
15 9,257,608 Nitride semiconductor light emitting device
16 9,257,591 Photocoupler semiconductor device
17 9,257,570 Semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing the same
18 9,257,552 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing same
19 9,257,507 Semiconductor device
20 9,257,484 Non-volatile memory device and method of manufacturing the same
21 9,257,473 Solid-state imaging device
22 9,257,470 Imaging lens and solid state imaging device
23 9,257,466 Solid state imaging device and method for manufacturing solid state imaging device
24 9,257,443 Memory device and method for manufacturing the same
25 9,257,416 Semiconductor light emitting device and method for manufacturing same
26 9,257,388 Stacked multilayer structure and manufacturing method thereof
27 9,257,367 Integrated circuit device, method for producing mask layout, and program for producing mask layout
28 9,257,299 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
29 9,257,248 Semiconductor switch and power conversion apparatus
30 9,257,189 Non-volatile semiconductor memory adapted to store a multi-valued data in a single memory cell
31 9,257,188 Nonvolatile memory and memory system
32 9,257,183 Semiconductor storage device having nand-type flash memory
33 9,257,168 Magnetic recording device and magnetic recording apparatus
34 9,257,156 Electromagnetic wave signal processor and electromagnetic wave detector
35 9,256,945 System for tracking a moving object, and a method and a non-transitory computer readable medium thereof
36 9,256,938 Characteristic X-ray escape correction in photon-counting detectors
37 9,256,817 Image forming apparatus, method and computer readable medium specifying condition for converting printing colors into multi-color component data with special color added
38 9,256,775 Image recognition apparatus and commodity information processing apparatus
39 9,256,525 Semiconductor memory device including a flag for selectively controlling erasing and writing of confidential information area
40 9,256,523 Semiconductor storage device and control method thereof
41 9,256,495 Processing unit and error processing method
42 9,256,365 Feature calculation device, feature calculation method, and computer program product
43 9,256,289 Method and apparatus for displaying a polyhedral user interface
44 9,256,241 Reference voltage generating apparatus and switching power apparatus
45 9,256,223 Safety interlock device for a plant
46 9,256,173 Image forming apparatus and image forming method
47 9,256,170 Image forming apparatus and image forming method which adjust image magnification based on sheet shrinkage
48 9,256,074 Liquid crystal optical element and stereoscopic image display device
49 9,255,958 Ground fault detection circuit
50 9,255,948 Data converting device, data processing device, power consumption processing system and computer program product
51 9,255,914 Ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus and program
52 9,254,235 Medical head restraint and medical bed system using the same
53 9,254,115 Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus for cardiac wall movement measurements by re-tracking the cardiac wall