Toshiba patents granted on 09 March 2010

55 US patents granted on 09 March 2010 and assigned to Toshiba

1 D611,440 Television set
2 D611,439 Television set
3 D611,398 Controller for air traffic control equipment
4 D611,275 Television stand
5 7,676,792 Software component library management system
6 7,676,774 System LSI verification system and system LSI verification method
7 7,676,668 System and method for monitoring configuration changes in a document processing device
8 7,676,528 Image data processing apparatus and image data processing method
9 7,676,348 Layout design support system, method, and program
10 7,676,252 Filter circuit having plural resonator blocks with a phase adjustment unit
11 7,676,186 Toner cartridge and mechanism of installing and removing the same
12 7,676,182 Image forming apparatus equipped with a buffering mechanism
13 7,676,178 Toner cartridge having grip, exchangeably inserted into revolver and replenishing toner into developing device
14 7,676,168 Fixing device for color image forming apparatus and control method
15 7,676,111 Image processing device and image processing method to detect and remove image noises
16 7,676,078 Inspection method, processor and method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
17 7,676,072 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
18 7,675,991 Wireless transmitting and receiving device and method
19 7,675,980 Wireless transmitting and receiving device and method
20 7,675,975 Video encoding/decoding method and apparatus
21 7,675,974 Video encoder and portable radio terminal device using the video encoder
22 7,675,973 Video encoding/decoding method and apparatus
23 7,675,893 Communication apparatus, communication method, and communication system
24 7,675,825 Method for correcting influence of thickness unevenness of recording medium, information recording/reproducing apparatus using the same method and optical head unit
25 7,675,804 Semiconductor integrated circuit device and semiconductor device including plurality of semiconductor circuits
26 7,675,803 Memory circuit system having semiconductor devices and a memory
27 7,675,793 Semiconductor memory device and driving method for the device
28 7,675,757 DC-DC converter
29 7,675,752 Electronic apparatus
30 7,675,738 Gas insulated switchgear
31 7,675,705 Method and apparatus for writing servo pattern using spiral pattern in disk drive
32 7,675,681 Display device
33 7,675,658 Method and apparatus for forming image
34 7,675,602 Board device and method for manufacturing display element
35 7,675,522 Video signal processing circuit, control method of video signal processing circuit, and integrated circuit
36 7,675,508 Liquid crystal display apparatus
37 7,675,469 Tunable antenna device and radio apparatus
38 7,675,393 MEMS switch
39 7,675,355 Semiconductor device that degrades leak current of a transistor
40 7,675,275 DC-DC converter
41 7,675,227 Image display device and light emission device
42 7,675,222 Thin film piezoelectric actuator
43 7,675,183 Semiconductor device including an insulating film and insulating pillars and manufacturing method of the semiconductor device
44 7,675,172 Printed circuit board, mounting method of electronic component, and electronic apparatus
45 7,675,161 Semiconductor device with wirings having varying lengths
46 7,675,153 Semiconductor device having semiconductor chips stacked and mounted thereon and manufacturing method thereof
47 7,675,115 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
48 7,675,039 Phosphor sheet for radiation detector, radiation detector and apparatus for radiographic equipment
49 7,675,010 Fixing apparatus
50 7,674,985 Printed wiring board assembly, method of mounting components on printed wiring board and electronic apparatus
51 7,674,679 Manufacturing method of semiconductor device and semiconductor device
52 7,674,570 Mask pattern inspection method, exposure condition verification method, and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
53 7,674,548 Fuel cell
54 7,674,137 Plug
55 7,673,863 Sheet post-processing apparatus