Toshiba patents granted on 09 May 2006

51 US patents granted on 09 May 2006 and assigned to Toshiba

1 7,043,717 Debugging apparatus and method
2 7,043,680 Frequency division multiplex transmission signal receiving apparatus using a plurality of carriers
3 7,043,648 Multiprocessor power supply system that operates a portion of available power supplies and selects voltage monitor point according to the number of detected processors
4 7,043,384 Failure detection system, failure detection method, and computer program product
5 7,043,338 Manipulator
6 7,043,275 Radio communication apparatus using adaptive antenna
7 7,043,271 Radio communication system
8 7,043,209 Electronic device and method of mounting radio antenna
9 7,043,192 Sheet post-process apparatus and waiting tray
10 7,043,190 Image forming apparatus employing electro-photographic process and controlling method of the same
11 7,043,168 Image forming apparatus and method for detecting the color information and positions of developing units
12 7,043,143 Digital video recording/playback system with entry point processing function
13 7,043,142 Digital video system
14 7,043,140 Information storage system capable of recording and playing back a plurality of still pictures
15 7,042,866 Method and apparatus utilizing bluetooth protocols for the remote setting of IP network parameters
16 7,042,860 Wireless communication system, weight control apparatus, and weight vector generation method
17 7,042,822 Information recording medium which records information that pertains to integrity
18 7,042,810 Thermally-assisted magnetic recording head, method of manufacturing the same, and thermally-assisted magnetic recording apparatus
19 7,042,790 Semiconductor device, sales method for semiconductor device, sales system for semiconductor device and program product storing sales program for semiconductor device
20 7,042,787 Semiconductor integrated circuit device
21 7,042,762 Magnetic element and magnetic element array
22 7,042,758 Magnetic cell and magnetic memory
23 7,042,753 Multi-value magnetic random access memory with stacked tunnel magnetoresistance (TMR) elements
24 7,042,711 Multi-functional electronic device with a continuously accessible pointing device
25 7,042,705 Sidewall structure and method of fabrication for reducing oxygen diffusion to contact plugs during CW hole reactive ion etch processing
26 7,042,671 Disk apparatus and actuator holding method
27 7,042,595 Communication terminal apparatus
28 7,042,490 Image capture module and image capture apparatus for inputting shape of object on three dimensional space
29 7,042,448 Image processing unit, image processing system using the same, and image processing method
30 7,042,291 Balanced amplifier and filter using the same
31 7,042,194 Controller for a wound-rotor induction motor
32 7,042,158 Compact fluorescent lamp, self-ballasted fluorescent lamp and luminaire
33 7,042,144 Image display device and manufacturing method for spacer assembly used in image display device
34 7,042,099 Semiconductor device containing a dummy wire
35 7,042,083 Package substrate and a flip chip mounted semiconductor device
36 7,042,061 Solid-state image pickup apparatus
37 7,042,059 Optical semiconductor device and method for manufacturing optical semiconductor device
38 7,042,050 Semiconductor device having MOSFET with offset-spacer, and manufacturing method thereof
39 7,042,041 Semiconductor device
40 7,042,040 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
41 7,042,037 Semiconductor device
42 7,042,026 Power switching device
43 7,042,002 Quantum memory and information processing method using the same
44 7,041,991 Variably shaped beam EB writing system
45 7,041,603 Method for producing magnetic memory device
46 7,041,584 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and the semiconductor device
47 7,040,880 Horizontal rotary compressor
48 7,040,615 Method for giving wavy shape to sheet and discharging the sheet
49 7,040,377 Injection system and casting method of die casting machine
50 D520,466 Rectifier element diode
51 D520,385 Ultrasonic detector