Toshiba patents granted on 09 October 2007

25 US patents granted on 09 October 2007 and assigned to Toshiba

1 7,281,152 Processor, control device for a processor, clock frequency determining method and source voltage controlling method of a processor
2 7,281,103 Microcomputer with a security function for accessing a program storage memory
3 7,281,049 System and method for sending files to multiple destinations
4 7,280,747 Information recording medium, information recording method and apparatus, and information playback method and apparatus
5 7,280,743 Data recording apparatus for recording stream data in which dummy data is inserted and data recording apparatus for recording end code in place of dummy code
6 7,280,504 OFDM transmitting and receiving apparatus
7 7,280,411 Output buffer circuit and semiconductor memory using the same
8 7,280,407 Semiconductor memory device including floating gates and control gates, control method for the same, and memory card including the same
9 7,280,385 Semiconductor memory device
10 7,280,357 Pump and electronic device having the pump
11 7,280,255 Image forming apparatus
12 7,280,130 Optical multi-beam scanning device and image forming apparatus
13 7,279,846 Image display apparatus
14 7,279,737 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
15 7,279,666 Vacuum microwave thawing method and vacuum microwave thawing machine
16 7,279,663 Fixing device using induction heating and method for producing same
17 7,279,405 Fabrication method for semiconductor device and manufacturing apparatus for the same
18 7,278,909 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device and polishing apparatus
19 7,278,794 Wire dot printer head and wire dot printer
20 7,278,576 Recording material identification method, toner supply method and image forming apparatus
21 7,278,267 Steam turbine plant
22 7,278,199 Method of making a thermoelectric device
23 D552,589 Telephone set
24 D552,566 Light emitting diode module
25 D552,538 Optical transmission conversion device