Toshiba patents granted on 10 April 2007

37 US patents granted on 10 April 2007 and assigned to Toshiba

1 7,203,969 Recording medium, recording-medium management method, and recording-medium management system
2 7,203,867 Processor system, processor and arithmetic processing method
3 7,203,780 System and method for facilitating communication between devices on a bus using tags
4 7,203,454 Sheet post-process apparatus and waiting tray
5 7,203,443 Fixing unit which heats heating member with induction heating, and image forming apparatus which includes the fixing unit
6 7,203,439 Fixing device of image forming apparatus with non-contact temperature sensor
7 7,203,437 Fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus
8 7,203,436 Image forming apparatus and image forming method using decolorizing toner
9 7,203,414 Recording medium capable of interactive reproducing and reproduction system for the same
10 7,203,280 X-ray apparatus
11 7,203,270 X-ray computed tomographic apparatus
12 7,203,239 Variable-length decoding apparatus and decoding method
13 7,203,121 Semiconductor integrated circuit device and data write method thereof
14 7,203,120 Boosted voltage generating circuit and semiconductor memory device having the same
15 7,203,104 Voltage detection circuit control device, memory control device with the same, and memory card with the same
16 7,203,091 Semiconductor integrated circuit device and non-volatile memory system using the same
17 7,203,088 Magnetoresistive random access memory and driving method thereof
18 7,203,071 Component mounting circuit board with resin-molded section covering circuit pattern and inner components
19 7,203,068 Electronic apparatus
20 7,203,062 Electronic apparatus with air cooling unit
21 7,203,044 Electronic apparatus and power supply control method
22 7,203,015 Method and apparatus for decoding sync marks in a disk
23 7,202,709 Waveform output device and drive device
24 7,202,629 Method for adjusting parameters of an electric motor and variable speed drive using such a method
25 7,202,594 Display device panel with an emitting fluorescent film composed of red fluorescent particles covered with a red pigment
26 7,202,580 Permanent magnet type motor and x-ray computed tomography apparatus
27 7,202,569 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
28 7,202,563 Semiconductor device package having a semiconductor element with resin
29 7,202,526 Field effect transistor and application device thereof
30 7,202,488 Correction system, method of correcting deflection distortion, program and method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
31 7,202,168 Method of producing semiconductor device
32 7,202,126 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing same
33 7,201,889 Fuel reforming method and system
34 7,201,858 Fluorescent substance, method of manufacturing fluorescent substance, and light emitting device using the fluorescent substance
35 7,201,851 Vacuum processing apparatus and substrate transfer method
36 7,201,370 Sheet processing apparatus and sheet processing method
37 7,201,314 Settlement terminal