Toshiba patents granted on 10 April 2012

70 US patents granted on 10 April 2012 and assigned to Toshiba

1 8,156,461 Spice corner model generating method and apparatus
2 8,156,393 Memory system
3 8,156,263 Information processing apparatus and storage device control method
4 8,155,968 Voice recognition apparatus and method for performing voice recognition comprising calculating a recommended distance range between a user and an audio input module based on the S/N ratio
5 8,155,955 Speech decoding method and apparatus which generates an excitation signal and a synthesis filter
6 8,155,790 Robot control apparatus
7 8,155,653 Mobile radio terminal and communication processing method
8 8,155,573 Image forming apparatus and fuser apparatus
9 8,155,544 Image forming apparatus and image adjusting method involving a fluctuation-information acquiring unit and a control unit that forms a gradation pattern
10 8,155,541 Fixing device which detects anomaly of heater
11 8,155,537 Optical receiver circuit and optical coupling device
12 8,155,448 Image processing apparatus and method thereof
13 8,155,388 Image display device and image display method
14 8,155,317 Encryption processing circuit and encryption processing method
15 8,155,292 Telephone system and server apparatus
16 8,155,245 Modulation scheme estimation apparatus and method
17 8,155,204 Image decoding apparatus and image decoding method
18 8,155,198 Interpolated frame generating method and interpolated frame generating apparatus
19 8,155,038 Wireless communication apparatus and wireless communication method using bluetooth
20 8,154,971 Optical recording medium, information recording method, and information reproducing method
21 8,154,970 Optical recording medium, information recording method, and information reproducing method
22 8,154,943 Semiconductor integrated circuit
23 8,154,941 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and method of writing data therein
24 8,154,930 Semiconductor memory device which stores plural data in a cell
25 8,154,922 Semiconductor memory device
26 8,154,917 Magnetic storage device
27 8,154,916 Nonvolatile memory circuit using spin MOS transistors
28 8,154,915 Magnetoresistive element and magnetoresistive random access memory including the same
29 8,154,908 Nonvolatile semiconductor storage device and data writing method therefor
30 8,154,905 Semiconductor memory device having a resistive memory element
31 8,154,871 Cooling structure of electronic device
32 8,154,825 Magnetic recording head and magnetic recording device
33 8,154,814 Method of refreshing data stored on a disk
34 8,154,773 Image communication apparatus and image communication control method
35 8,154,719 Mask inspection apparatus
36 8,154,710 Lithography process window analyzing method and analyzing program
37 8,154,703 Liquid crystal display panel
38 8,154,682 Backlight unit and liquid crystal display device having the same
39 8,154,654 Frame interpolation device, frame interpolation method and image display device
40 8,154,629 Noise canceling circuit, noise canceling method, and solid-state imaging device
41 8,154,587 Apparatus and method of displaying the three-dimensional image
42 8,154,557 Flat-panel display device
43 8,154,459 Antenna device having multiple resonant frequencies and radio apparatus
44 8,154,190 Light emitting device with resin layer containing blue, green and red emitting phosphors which emits white light when excited by ultraviolet light
45 8,154,112 Semiconductor memory apparatus
46 8,154,089 Semiconductor device
47 8,154,085 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory has resistors including electrode layer formed on low resistance layer adjacent to mask film
48 8,154,082 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
49 8,154,079 Semiconductor device and fabrication method of the semiconductor device
50 8,154,077 Semiconductor device
51 8,154,072 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory apparatus
52 8,154,071 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method for fabricating nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
53 8,154,069 NAND flash memory with selection transistor having two-layer inter-layer insulation film
54 8,154,068 Non-volatile semiconductor storage device and method of manufacturing the same
55 8,154,050 Semiconductor device with semiconductor epitaxial layers buried in source/drain regions, and fabrication method of the same
56 8,153,953 Light receiving circuit
57 8,153,946 Semiconductor device
58 8,153,501 Maskless selective boron-doped epitaxial growth
59 8,153,488 Method for manufacturing nonvolatile storage device
60 8,153,487 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
61 8,153,355 Immersion supporting plate cleaning method and a pattern forming method
62 8,153,310 Electronic apparatus system
63 8,153,205 Patterned medium and method of manufacturing the same
64 8,153,188 Method and apparatus for manufacturing magnetoresistive element
65 8,152,729 Two-dimensional array ultrasonic probe
66 8,152,728 Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
67 8,152,725 Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and image display method thereof
68 8,152,598 Substrate treating method and substrate treating apparatus
69 8,152,448 Steam turbine having a nozzle box arranged at an upstream side of a steam passage that divides a space between a rotor and a casing into spaces that are sealed from each other
70 8,152,157 Sheet processing apparatus, sheet take-out apparatus, and sheet take-out method thereof