Toshiba patents granted on 10 August 2010

63 US patents granted on 10 August 2010 and assigned to Toshiba

1 RE41,485 Multi-state EEPROM having write-verify control circuit
2 D621,375 Television receiver
3 7,774,727 Layout making equipment of semiconductor integrated circuit, method of making layout of semiconductor integrated circuit and process of manufacture of semiconductor device
4 7,774,535 Memory system and memory device
5 7,774,533 Electronic device with card interface
6 7,774,187 Safety protection instrumentation system and method of operating the system
7 7,774,170 Design/verification aid system and design/verification aid
8 7,774,169 Maintenance system and method
9 7,774,162 Electronic timer and system LSI
10 7,774,041 Method and apparatus for calculating index concerning local blood flow circulations
11 7,773,998 Wireless communication apparatus for selecting frequency channels
12 7,773,908 Image forming apparatus with cleaning device that does not cause excessive cutting and cleaning method
13 7,773,862 Information recording method, information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
14 7,773,861 Information recording method, information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
15 7,773,747 Encryption apparatus, decryption apparatus, and method
16 7,773,716 Fast reactor having reflector control system and neutron reflector thereof
17 7,773,706 Wireless communication using a plurality of antennas
18 7,773,657 Laser-induced optical wiring apparatus
19 7,773,648 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
20 7,773,638 Transmission device and home server system
21 7,773,609 Overlay network system which constructs and maintains an overlay network
22 7,773,601 Wireless communication apparatus
23 7,773,477 Optical disk driving unit, pickup controller, and laser driver provided in a pickup
24 7,773,476 Apparatus for reproducing encoded data
25 7,773,470 Pickup control device, optical disk apparatus and pickup control method for the same
26 7,773,417 Semiconductor memory device with memory cell having charge accumulation layer and control gate and memory system
27 7,773,345 Carriage for disk device
28 7,773,243 Image forming apparatus having a print processing unit
29 7,773,237 Image forming apparatus, image forming method and image forming system
30 7,773,236 Image forming processing circuit and image forming apparatus
31 7,773,154 Information processing apparatus for playback of multiple display devices
32 7,773,068 Display device
33 7,773,037 Information processing apparatus, information processing system and radio communication control method
34 7,772,905 Semiconductor integrated circuit apparatus
35 7,772,814 Step-down circuit
36 7,772,745 MEMS device with low operation voltage, large contact pressure force, and large separation force, and portable communication terminal with the MEMS device
37 7,772,705 Low thermal resistance package
38 7,772,692 Semiconductor device with cooling member
39 7,772,674 Semiconductor integrated circuit with spiral inductors
40 7,772,671 Semiconductor device having an element isolating insulating film
41 7,772,660 Magnetoresistive random access memory and method of manufacturing the same
42 7,772,641 Power semiconductor device with a plurality of gate electrodes
43 7,772,640 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
44 7,772,636 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device with multilayer interelectrode dielectric film
45 7,772,630 Magnetic switching element of a magnetic memory cell having a ferromagnetic layer formed between a gate insulating film and a magnetic semiconductor layer
46 7,772,618 Semiconductor storage device comprising MIS transistor including charge storage layer
47 7,772,562 Radiation detector
48 7,772,551 Refractive index variable element and method of varying refractive index
49 7,772,513 Switchgear and switchgear operating mechanism
50 7,772,451 System and method for chemical decontamination of radioactive material
51 7,772,129 Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
52 7,772,102 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory and fabrication method for the same
53 7,772,076 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device using dummy gate wiring layer
54 7,772,035 Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
55 7,771,797 Photocatalyst material producing method and photocatalyst material producing apparatus
56 7,771,785 Magnetic film and method of manufacturing magnetic film
57 7,771,602 Method and apparatus for manufacturing magnetic recording media
58 7,771,145 Method and apparatus for machining deep hole
59 7,771,130 Method of producing optical fiber positioning component, and optical fiber positioning component
60 7,770,876 Creasing device, post-processing apparatus equipped therewith, creasing method, image forming apparatus and crease-added printing method
61 7,770,626 Method and apparatus for spraying release agent in die casting machine
62 7,770,406 Refrigerator
63 7,770,274 Piezoelectric thin film device and method for manufacturing the same