Toshiba patents granted on 10 July 2012

75 US patents granted on 10 July 2012 and assigned to Toshiba

1 D663,444 Light emitting diode module
2 D663,443 Light emitting diode module
3 8,219,942 Pattern verification-test method, optical image intensity distribution acquisition method, and computer program
4 8,219,861 Semiconductor storage device
5 8,219,837 Electronic device and power saving method using predetermined command to designate portion of device in power saving mode
6 8,219,795 Information processing apparatus, storage medium, and data rescue method
7 8,219,767 Information processing apparatus and data recovering method
8 8,219,744 Semiconductor memory device which includes memory cell having charge accumulation layer and control gate
9 8,219,733 Electronic device with card interface
10 8,219,603 Waveform correction apparatus and waveform correction method
11 8,219,577 Apparatus and method product for presenting recommended information
12 8,219,573 Test case generation apparatus, generation method therefor, and program storage medium
13 8,219,556 Metadata collecting device, method and computer readable medium
14 8,219,527 File processing apparatus, file processing method, and computer program product
15 8,219,439 Electric-power-generating-facility operation management support system, electric-power-generating-facility operation management support method, and program for executing operation management support method on computer
16 8,219,381 Dictionary registration apparatus, dictionary registration method, and computer product
17 8,219,330 Gas appliance judgment apparatus and method
18 8,219,218 Plant controlling system and plant controlling method
19 8,219,150 Portable electronic equipment capable of displaying candidate of scene based on frequency information
20 8,219,054 Oscillating circuit and radio communication apparatus
21 8,219,010 Image forming apparatus, image forming method, intermediate transfer belt, and method of evaluating the same
22 8,218,991 Fixing device for image forming apparatus
23 8,218,984 Temperature controlling method of fixing device
24 8,218,952 Content playback device and content playback method
25 8,218,842 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus, image processing apparatus, and image processing method
26 8,218,816 Moving object detecting device and mobile robot
27 8,218,786 Acoustic signal processing apparatus, acoustic signal processing method and computer readable medium
28 8,218,688 Quadrature demodulator and interrogator
29 8,218,649 Information processing apparatus and recovery processing method
30 8,218,512 Distribution of session keys to the selected multiple access points based on geo-location of APs
31 8,218,504 Mobile communication system, its control device, handover control method, and mobile terminal
32 8,218,416 Multi-layer optical disc, information recording method and information reproducing method
33 8,218,374 Semiconductor integrated circuit adapted to output pass/fail results of internal operations
34 8,218,373 Semiconductor integrated circuit adapted to output pass/fail results of internal operations
35 8,218,372 Semiconductor storage device
36 8,218,358 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method for driving same
37 8,218,355 Magnetoresistive element and magnetic memory
38 8,218,327 Electronic device, electronic component, and method of manufacturing electronic device
39 8,218,312 Electronic apparatus
40 8,218,311 Electronic apparatus
41 8,218,289 Electrolytic capacitor and electric equipment provided therewith
42 8,218,278 Current differential relay device, signal processing method thereof and power transmission line protection system
43 8,218,232 Optical resonator with structure to improve mode-particle interaction
44 8,218,217 Light scanning device and thrust-direction force canceling method
45 8,218,189 Image forming apparatus and method for erasing data thereof
46 8,218,115 Liquid crystal display device comprising a pixel electrode having a reverse taper shape with an edge portion that forms a transition nucleus in a liquid crystal layer
47 8,218,094 Television apparatus and electronic apparatus
48 8,218,079 Stream generating apparatus and method of supplying frame sync signal used for stream generating apparatus
49 8,218,076 Image display apparatus, image signal processing apparatus, and image signal processing method
50 8,217,968 Image display device
51 8,217,765 Portable electronics and sensing method
52 8,217,733 Information processing apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
53 8,217,652 Spatial intensity correction for RF shading non-uniformities in MRI
54 8,217,650 Magnetic resonance imaging system and magnetic resonance imaging method
55 8,217,648 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and scanning-condition setting method
56 8,217,643 Current detector and wattmeter using the same
57 8,217,536 Magnetizing inrush current suppression device for transformer and control method of same
58 8,217,468 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and process of manufacturing the same
59 8,217,446 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
60 8,217,444 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
61 8,217,440 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
62 8,217,438 Spin memory and spin FET
63 8,217,420 Power semiconductor device
64 8,216,942 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
65 8,216,744 Exposure mask and method for manufacturing same and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
66 8,216,709 Battery unit having case to contain cells
67 8,216,544 ZnO varistor powder
68 8,216,150 Ultrasound probe
69 8,216,149 Puncture adaptor, ultrasonic probe for puncture, ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus for puncture, method for detecting angle of puncture needle
70 8,216,145 Ultrasonic diagonstic apparatus, ultrasonic image processing apparatus, and ultrasonic image processing method
71 8,216,143 Ultrasonic imaging apparatus, a method for displaying a diagnostic image, and a medical apparatus
72 8,215,757 Ink jet apparatus and liquid circulating method
73 8,215,628 Folding roller control for sheet processing apparatus/method
74 8,215,626 Sheet processing apparatus and sheet processing method
75 8,215,211 Method and apparatus for machning V grooves