Toshiba patents granted on 11 December 2007

40 US patents granted on 11 December 2007 and assigned to Toshiba

1 D557,227 Television set
2 7,308,688 System and method for shared memory based IPC queue template having event based notification
3 7,308,660 Calculation system of fault coverage and calculation method of the same
4 7,308,634 Systems and methods for LBIST testing using multiple functional subphases
5 7,308,548 Processor organizing apparatus and method for organize a pipeline processor
6 7,308,495 Prefix and IP address management scheme for router and host in network system
7 7,308,395 Simulation circuit pattern evaluation method, manufacturing method of semiconductor integrated circuit, test substrate, and test substrate group
8 7,308,340 Information processing apparatus and cooling method
9 7,308,332 Virtual clothing modeling apparatus and method
10 7,308,320 Processor core for using external extended arithmetic unit efficiently and processor incorporating the same
11 7,308,298 Magnetic resonance imaging using MT pulse of which duration is shorter
12 7,308,225 Apparatus and method for controlling angle fluctuation of a transfer belt in an image forming apparatus
13 7,308,217 Fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus
14 7,308,210 Optical modulating device, optical transmitting apparatus using the same, method of controlling optical modulating device, and control program recording medium
15 7,308,189 Recording medium of stream data, and recording method and playback method of the same
16 7,308,098 AV communication control circuit for realizing copyright protection with respect to radio LAN
17 7,308,037 Radio receiving apparatus and method
18 7,308,031 Video encoding apparatus and video decoding apparatus
19 7,307,937 Reproduced signal evaluation method, information recording medium, information reproducing apparatus, information reproducing method, and information recording method
20 7,307,883 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
21 7,307,864 Semiconductor integrated circuit with fuse data read circuit
22 7,307,822 Semiconductor integrated circuit apparatus
23 7,307,819 Magnetoresistive element magnetic head, magnetic recording apparatus, and magnetic memory
24 7,307,759 Method and equipment for automatically performing color/monochrome judging of an original
25 7,307,758 Image forming apparatus and image forming method
26 7,307,648 Printing apparatus and method for passbooks
27 7,307,466 Potential detector and semiconductor integrated circuit
28 7,307,378 In-line type electron gun and color cathode ray tube apparatus using the same
29 7,307,344 Semiconductor device including a discontinuous film and method for manufacturing the same
30 7,307,307 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device having memory cell array suitable for high density and high integration
31 7,307,302 Magneto-resistive effect element and magnetic memory
32 7,307,285 Optical semiconductor device and a method for manufacturing the same
33 7,307,023 Polishing method of Cu film and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
34 7,306,994 Semiconductor device having a gate insulating film structure including an insulating film containing metal, silicon and oxygen and manufacturing method thereof
35 7,306,961 Optical device, surface emitting type device and method for manufacturing the same
36 7,306,743 Recording medium, method of manufacturing recording medium and recording apparatus
37 7,306,215 Sheet storage apparatus
38 7,306,213 Sheet post-process device with standby tray
39 7,306,146 Merchandise sales data processing apparatus
40 7,305,821 Hydraulic control apparatus