Toshiba patents granted on 11 September 2007

55 US patents granted on 11 September 2007 and assigned to Toshiba

1 7,269,593 Data processing apparatus and method
2 7,269,470 Aligner evaluation system, aligner evaluation method, a computer program product, and a method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
3 7,269,363 Developing apparatus, developing method, and developing agent therefor
4 7,269,337 Optical disc for storing moving pictures with text information and apparatus using the disc
5 7,269,336 Digital video system
6 7,269,308 Optical waveguide type biochemical sensor chip and method of manufacturing the same
7 7,269,260 Communication system, wireless communication apparatus, and communication method
8 7,269,246 X-ray angiography apparatus
9 7,269,170 Information transmission method and encoding/decoding apparatus and encoding-multiplexing/decoding-demultiplexing apparatus in information transmission system to which information transmission method is applied
10 7,269,148 Scheme for adaptive control of transport layer connection in communications via radio and wire networks
11 7,269,122 Sync frame structure, information storage medium, information recording method, information reproduction method, information reproduction apparatus
12 7,269,121 Optical disk, optical disk recording method and optical disk apparatus
13 7,269,105 Digital audio recording medium and reproducing apparatus thereof
14 7,269,084 Semiconductor memory device
15 7,269,081 Program circuit of semiconductor
16 7,269,074 Semiconductor storage device and semiconductor storage device driving method
17 7,269,073 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
18 7,269,060 Magnetic random access memory
19 7,269,059 Magnetic recording element and device
20 7,269,049 Ferroelectric random access memory device
21 7,269,048 Semiconductor integrated circuit device
22 7,269,045 Magnetic random access memory with interconnected write lines
23 7,268,962 Method and apparatus for determining track pitch for writing servo information in a disk drive
24 7,268,898 System and method for data processing
25 7,268,828 Television receiver and control method thereof for displaying video signals based on different television modes
26 7,268,816 Camera unit having lenses mounted in movable elements which are made to abut against a movement regulating member
27 7,268,798 Image forming apparatus which executes an image quality control
28 7,268,647 Film bulk acoustic-wave resonator and method for manufacturing the same
29 7,268,629 System and method for lock detection of a phase-locked loop circuit
30 7,268,617 Doherty microwave amplifier and signal processing method thereof
31 7,268,496 Discharge lamp lighting device and lighting system
32 7,268,494 Compact fluorescent lamp and luminaire using the same
33 7,268,490 Wiring substrate and display device
34 7,268,434 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
35 7,268,424 Semiconductor device, electronic card and pad rearrangement substrate
36 7,268,411 Insulating film and electronic device
37 7,268,392 Trench gate semiconductor device with a reduction in switching loss
38 7,268,390 Power semiconductor device
39 7,268,386 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory and a fabrication method for the same
40 7,268,374 Semiconductor device and method of its manufacture
41 7,268,069 Method of fabricating semiconductor device having multilayer wiring structure
42 7,268,068 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
43 7,268,053 Semiconductor wafer and a method for manufacturing a semiconductor wafer
44 7,268,047 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
45 7,267,998 Magnetic memory device having a plurality of magneto-resistance effect elements arranged in a matrix form and method for manufacturing the same
46 7,267,927 Method for fabricating semiconductor device and equipment for fabricating the same
47 7,267,911 Stencil mask and its manufacturing method
48 7,267,910 Chemical battery containing gel electrolyte based on crosslinked epoxy compound having an alicyclic structure
49 7,267,742 Etching apparatus, a method of controlling an etching solution, and a method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
50 7,267,642 Automatic tool changing device and working machine
51 7,267,482 X-ray diagnostic apparatus, imaging angle determination device, program storage medium, and method
52 7,267,339 Overlapped-sheet detection apparatus
53 7,267,203 Elevator including operation, atmospheric pressure and rescue control
54 7,267,012 Electromagnetic flowmeter including electrodes and magnetic pole placed in proximity on one side of the outer wall
55 D550,868 Light emitting diode lamp