Toshiba patents granted on 12 August 2008

36 US patents granted on 12 August 2008 and assigned to Toshiba

1 7,412,671 Apparatus and method for verifying an integrated circuit pattern
2 7,412,602 Method and system for storing document images in a network file system
3 7,412,445 Content retrieving device and content retrieving method
4 7,412,365 Environmental impact estimation method and apparatus
5 7,412,237 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
6 7,412,184 User interface for image forming apparatus
7 7,412,114 Method of generating an interpolation image, an interpolation image generating apparatus, and an image display system using the same
8 7,412,081 Personal authentication apparatus and personal authentication method
9 7,412,023 X-ray diagnostic apparatus
10 7,411,988 Semiconductor laser device
11 7,411,952 Communication scheme with arbitration mechanism for cases of address initialization and server setting
12 7,411,889 Optical disc with wobbled tracks and apparatus using this optical disc
13 7,411,888 Information storage medium, recording method, reproducing method, and reproducing apparatus
14 7,411,850 Semiconductor storage device
15 7,411,830 Nonvolatile memory cell having current compensated for temperature dependency and data read method thereof
16 7,411,826 Semiconductor integrated circuit device
17 7,411,825 Semiconductor integrated circuit device
18 7,411,824 Semiconductor memory device capable of increasing writing speed
19 7,411,819 Semiconductor integrated circuit device
20 7,411,809 Ferroelectric memory to be tested by applying disturbance voltage to a plurality of ferroelectric capacitors at once in direction to weaken polarization, and method of testing the same
21 7,411,793 Optical disk device
22 7,411,753 Method and apparatus for magnetization test of write head in a disk drive
23 7,411,579 Information processing apparatus having function of changing orientation of screen image
24 7,411,568 Method and apparatus for controlling display monitors provided on an electronic apparatus
25 7,411,482 Wireless tag reader and writer
26 7,411,475 Superconductor filter
27 7,411,288 Semiconductor device
28 7,411,284 Accessible electronic storage apparatus
29 7,411,282 LSI package provided with interface module, and transmission line header employed in the package
30 7,411,263 Magnetic memory device
31 7,411,236 Semiconductor storage device
32 7,411,235 Spin transistor, programmable logic circuit, and magnetic memory
33 7,411,222 Package for light emitting element and manufacturing method thereof
34 7,411,191 Inspection system by charged particle beam and method of manufacturing devices using the system
35 7,410,855 Semiconductor device
36 7,410,614 Optical waveguide type iontophoresis sensor chip and method for packaging sensor chip