Toshiba patents granted on 12 July 2011

55 US patents granted on 12 July 2011 and assigned to Toshiba

1 7,979,879 Video contents display system, video contents display method, and program for the same
2 7,979,875 Optical disk having protective coating
3 7,979,777 Apparatus, method and program for decoding
4 7,979,663 Storage apparatus having unused physical area autonomous management function
5 7,979,636 Method of controlling semiconductor memory card system
6 7,979,438 Document management method and apparatus and document search method and apparatus
7 7,979,432 Apparatus, computer program product and system for processing information
8 7,979,265 Machine translation system, method and program for translating text having a structure
9 7,979,208 Mobile terminal with position measurement function
10 7,979,154 Method and system for managing semiconductor manufacturing device
11 7,978,960 Information storage medium and information recording/playback system
12 7,978,956 Information recording method, information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
13 7,978,902 Calibration method, inspection method, and semiconductor device manufacturing method
14 7,978,897 Computer-aided image diagnostic processing device and computer-aided image diagnostic processing program product
15 7,978,896 Data correction apparatus, data correction method, magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and X-ray CT apparatus
16 7,978,890 Apparatus and method of displaying image scanning report
17 7,978,858 Terminal device, group management server, network communication system, and method for generating encryption key
18 7,978,849 Image forming apparatus, and control method thereof
19 7,978,768 Recompression method and apparatus for video data
20 7,978,655 Secure and seamless WAN-LAN roaming
21 7,978,585 Aberration correcting device, optical head, and optical disc apparatus
22 7,978,562 Semiconductor memory device
23 7,978,552 Semiconductor memory device
24 7,978,517 NAND flash memory
25 7,978,514 Semiconductor memory device for storing multivalued data
26 7,978,512 Semiconductor memory system
27 7,978,499 Semiconductor storage device
28 7,978,497 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
29 7,978,486 Rectifier circuit and radio communication device using the same
30 7,978,442 CPP device with a plurality of metal oxide templates in a confining current path (CCP) spacer
31 7,978,435 Magnetic head slider having multiple step portions
32 7,978,434 Magnetic recording medium, method of fabricating the same, and magnetic recording apparatus
33 7,978,368 System and method for visualization of black-component gamut sculpting
34 7,978,286 Illumination unit and liquid crystal display device
35 7,978,151 Three-dimensional image display apparatus
36 7,978,051 RFID interrogator device
37 7,977,912 Electronic apparatus and battery unit
38 7,977,899 Motor controlling device, motor drive system, method of motor control, semiconductor device and electronic device
39 7,977,795 Semiconductor device, method of fabricating the same, and pattern generating method
40 7,977,748 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
41 7,977,738 Semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method thereof
42 7,977,733 Non-volatile semiconductor storage device
43 7,977,731 NOR flash memory and method of manufacturing the same
44 7,977,729 Aging device
45 7,977,728 Non-volatile NAND memory semiconductor integrated circuit
46 7,977,719 Magneto-resistance effect element and magnetic memory
47 7,977,693 Semiconductor light-emitting material with tetrahedral structure formed therein
48 7,977,653 Semiconductor device fabrication method and fabrication apparatus using a stencil mask
49 7,977,210 Semiconductor substrate and semiconductor device
50 7,977,182 Method of manufacturing MISFET with low contact resistance
51 7,977,166 Semiconductor device and fabrication method for the semiconductor device
52 7,977,159 Memory chip and semiconductor device using the memory chip and manufacturing method of those
53 7,977,141 Solid-state image pickup device and method of manufacturing the same
54 7,976,232 Printer for feeding a cut sheet and a continuous sheet
55 7,976,000 Sheet stacking apparatus, sheet processing apparatus and sheet stacking method