Toshiba patents granted on 12 October 2010

55 US patents granted on 12 October 2010 and assigned to Toshiba

1 D625,452 Spotlight
2 D625,440 Light emitting diode lamp
3 7,814,489 Processor system with temperature sensor and control method of the same
4 7,814,306 Information device, storage medium and initial state restoration method
5 7,814,264 Memory card, semiconductor device, and method of controlling semiconductor memory
6 7,814,144 Recommending system, recommending server, content recommending method, and recommending program product
7 7,813,765 Radio communication system and radio communication terminal for the same
8 7,813,687 Sheet transport apparatus and fixing apparatus
9 7,813,679 Toner cartridge and image forming apparatus for mounting the same
10 7,813,622 Information recording method, information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
11 7,813,508 Communication system, wireless communication apparatus, and communication method
12 7,813,465 Pressure suppression and decontamination apparatus and method for reactor container
13 7,813,319 Framework of media-independent pre-authentication
14 7,813,269 Communication apparatus and abnormality restoration method
15 7,813,206 Time-switch carrying removable storage and semiconductor integrated circuit
16 7,813,203 Semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing of the same
17 7,813,182 Semiconductor memory
18 7,813,179 Semiconductor memory device having plural word lines arranged at narrow pitch and manufacturing method thereof
19 7,813,174 Semiconductor memory device for storing multivalued data
20 7,813,171 Semiconductor memory device
21 7,813,170 Semiconductor memory device capable of memorizing multivalued data
22 7,813,159 Semiconductor memory device and data write and read methods of the same
23 7,813,152 Power converter
24 7,813,138 Electronic device
25 7,813,087 Magnetic memory device having spin wave oscillator arranged to heat magnetic tunnel junction element
26 7,812,985 System and method for rerouting of document processing jobs
27 7,812,972 Reticle, apparatus for monitoring optical system, method for monitoring optical system, and method for manufacturing reticle
28 7,812,710 Wireless sensor and method of controlling a wireless sensor
29 7,812,684 Communication apparatus
30 7,812,620 Sensor device, and portable communiction terminal and electronic device using the sensor device
31 7,812,558 Driving apparatus of electric motor for reduction roll
32 7,812,557 Motor controller, washing machine, and motor control method
33 7,812,507 Piezoelectric motor and camera device
34 7,812,501 Dynamo-electric machine rotor
35 7,812,499 Armature winding of electric rotating machine, stator of electric rotating machine and electric rotating machine
36 7,812,451 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
37 7,812,425 Semiconductor device with lower capacitor electrode that includes islands of conductive oxide films arranged on a noble metal film
38 7,812,406 Semiconductor device, method for manufacturing semiconductor device, and method for manufacturing semiconductor memory device
39 7,812,405 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
40 7,812,396 Semiconductor device with channel layer comprising different types of impurities
41 7,812,392 Semiconductor device
42 7,812,391 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of fabricating the same
43 7,812,386 Semiconductor memory device including multi-layer gate structure
44 7,812,384 Semiconductor device including a transistor and a ferroelectric capacitor
45 7,812,383 Spin memory and spin FET
46 7,812,360 Light emitting device, lighting equipment or liquid crystal display device using such light emitting device
47 7,812,252 Dye sensitized solar cell and method for manufacturing dye sensitized solar cell
48 7,811,878 Method of manufacturing SOI substrate
49 7,811,760 Vector and method for detecting the change in transcription amount
50 7,811,745 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
51 7,811,703 Nonaqueous electrolyte battery, battery pack and vehicle
52 7,811,518 Sample slice preparation device and sample slice preparation method
53 7,811,218 Sheet or film-forming roll
54 7,810,727 Card and host device
55 7,810,228 Method for manufacturing a magneto-resistance effect element