Toshiba patents granted on 13 March 2012

61 US patents granted on 13 March 2012 and assigned to Toshiba

1 8,136,144 Apparatus and method for controlling communication through firewall, and computer program product
2 8,136,117 Information processor and information processing system
3 8,136,014 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
4 8,135,902 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory drive, information processing apparatus and management method of storage area in nonvolatile semiconductor memory drive
5 8,135,900 Integrated memory management and memory management method
6 8,135,573 Apparatus, method, and computer program product for creating data for learning word translation
7 8,135,557 Apparatus for testing semiconductor integrated circuit and method for testing semiconductor integrated circuit
8 8,135,396 Wireless communication terminal and method
9 8,135,381 Mobile apparatus
10 8,135,374 Frequency converting circuit and receiver
11 8,135,373 Wireless communication apparatus
12 8,135,368 Receiver
13 8,135,366 Wireless communication circuit and wireless communication system
14 8,135,347 Electronic apparatus and communication state notification method
15 8,135,318 Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and secondary transfer unit
16 8,135,308 Detachable transfer unit used for image forming apparatus and operation method of the transfer unit
17 8,135,294 Image forming apparatus for forming image on record medium
18 8,135,172 Image processing apparatus and method thereof
19 8,134,899 Optical recording medium, information recording method, and information reproducing method
20 8,134,884 Semiconductor memory device
21 8,134,880 Semiconductor integrated circuit
22 8,134,855 Ferroelectric memory and method for testing the same
23 8,134,841 Printed-wiring board, method of manufacturing printed-wiring board, and electronic equipment
24 8,134,773 Display device and display method
25 8,134,646 Video signal processing device and video signal processing method
26 8,134,586 Beam light scanning apparatus, image forming apparatus, and method for controlling generation of beam light
27 8,134,532 Image display apparatus and image display method
28 8,134,519 Connection structure between antenna element and coaxial cable connector, and antenna appatatus including the connection structure
29 8,134,421 Voltage control oscillator and quadrature modulator
30 8,134,404 Semiconductor device that degrades leak current of a transistor
31 8,134,370 Semiconductor device and method of controlling electrostatic actuator
32 8,134,349 Power supply circuit that outputs a voltage stepped down from a power supply voltage
33 8,134,323 Bypass and synchronous transfer arrangement for a medium voltage drive control system
34 8,134,317 Motor controller, motor drive system and pump unit
35 8,134,289 Electrode for cold cathode tube and cold cathode tube employing it
36 8,134,234 Application of Mn for damage restoration after etchback
37 8,134,224 Radio frequency semiconductor device
38 8,134,209 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
39 8,134,203 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
40 8,134,201 Semiconductor memory device provided with stacked layer gate including charge accumulation layer and control gate, and manufacturing method thereof
41 8,134,200 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory including a gate insulating film and an inter-gate insulating film
42 8,134,199 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
43 8,134,198 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
44 8,134,193 Magneto-resistance effect element and magnetic memory
45 8,134,177 Switching element, semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
46 8,134,159 Semiconductor device including a p-type transistor having extension regions in sours and drain regions and method of fabricating the same
47 8,133,838 Water purification material
48 8,133,830 Silicon nitride sintered compact and sliding member using the same
49 8,133,782 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method thereof
50 8,133,776 Semiconductor device and fabrication method for the same
51 8,133,753 Solid-state image pickup device and method for manufacturing same
52 8,133,619 Nonaqueous electrolyte battery, battery pack and vehicle
53 8,133,348 Plasma generating apparatus and plasma treatment apparatus
54 8,133,313 Aqueous inkjet ink and inkjet recording method
55 8,133,080 Electronic apparatus and connector
56 8,132,921 Projection display apparatus having a cooling fan and controlling method for projection display apparatus having a cooling fan
57 8,132,903 Ink jet system and method for removing air bubbles inside of an ink jet nozzle
58 8,132,888 Inkjet recording apparatus and head maintenance method
59 8,132,804 Sheet processing apparatus
60 8,132,730 Datacode reading apparatus
61 8,132,414 Steam turbine and hydrophilic coating material used therefor