Toshiba patents granted on 13 October 2015

70 US patents granted on 13 October 2015 and assigned to Toshiba

1 9,160,961 Television receiver and electronic apparatus
2 9,160,953 Solid state imaging device that includes a color filter and an interlayer dielectric layer on opposite sides of a semiconductor substrate
3 9,160,950 Image capturing apparatus, image capturing method, image capturing circuit, and program
4 9,160,939 Signal processing device and signal processing method
5 9,160,907 Tracking apparatus
6 9,160,871 Graphical user interface for illustrating the existence of a superset of items in a limited view window
7 9,160,721 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
8 9,160,534 Authenticator, authenticatee and authentication method
9 9,160,531 Host device, semiconductor memory device, and authentication method
10 9,160,371 Memory controller, storage device and memory control method
11 9,160,359 Analog-to-digital converter and analog-to-digital conversion method
12 9,160,055 Wireless device
13 9,159,997 Nonaqueous electrolyte battery, electrode for the same, and battery pack
14 9,159,880 Semiconductor light emitting device and method for manufacturing the same
15 9,159,878 Semiconductor light emitting device
16 9,159,869 LED on silicon substrate using zinc-sulfide as buffer layer
17 9,159,848 Light receiving circuit
18 9,159,836 Thin film transistor, method for manufacturing same, and display device
19 9,159,789 Field effect transitor and semiconductor device using the same
20 9,159,769 Semiconductor device, semiconductor device manufacturing method, and semiconductor device manufacturing apparatus
21 9,159,761 Optical device and solid-state image sensing device
22 9,159,756 Solid-state imaging device and manufacturing method of the same
23 9,159,752 Solid-state image pickup device, and camera module
24 9,159,747 Display device, thin film transistor, method for manufacturing display device, and method for manufacturing thin film transistor
25 9,159,726 Semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing same
26 9,159,722 Semiconductor device
27 9,159,615 Graphene interconnection and method of manufacturing the same
28 9,159,613 Non-volatile memory device, method for fabricating pattern on wafer and method for manufacturing non-volatile memory device using same
29 9,159,475 High pressure bushing of rotating electrical machine and rotating electrical machine
30 9,159,463 Conductive material
31 9,159,456 Semiconductor device
32 9,159,439 Semiconductor memory device
33 9,159,431 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
34 9,159,342 Magnetic recording apparatus
35 9,159,089 Point of sale system with item image capture and deferred invoicing capability
36 9,158,996 Learning image collection apparatus, learning apparatus, and target object detection apparatus
37 9,158,956 Reader, reading method and computer program product
38 9,158,878 Method and apparatus for generating circuit layout using design model and specification
39 9,158,678 Memory address management system and method
40 9,158,385 Input receiver and electronic device
41 9,158,360 Electronic apparatus
42 9,158,318 Power supply apparatus which suprresses output voltage variation
43 9,158,254 Image forming apparatus, image forming method, print setting method of image forming apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium on which print setting program of image forming apparatus is recorded
44 9,158,252 Apparatus and method for forming an image on a recording medium using erasable material and non-erasable material
45 9,158,247 Fuser for equalizing temperature of heat generating section
46 9,158,246 Image forming apparatus having multiple medium paths to a fixing unit
47 9,158,220 Image forming apparatus
48 9,158,212 Exposure apparatus, exposure control system, and exposure method
49 9,158,013 Positron emission computed tomography apparatus
50 9,158,009 Scintillator panel and radiation detector
51 9,158,006 Composition for reflective film, reflective film, and X-ray detector
52 9,157,979 Efficient multi-station MRI
53 9,157,977 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus with optimal excitation angle
54 9,157,973 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
55 9,157,972 Failsafe protection from induced RF current for MRI RF coil assembly having transmit functionality
56 9,157,965 Storage battery deterioration diagnosis system and method thereof
57 9,157,896 Ultrasonic flaw detecting apparatus and ultrasonic flaw detecting method
58 9,157,870 Pattern test apparatus
59 9,157,777 Electromagnetic flowmeter, electromagnetic flow rate measurement system, and electromagnetic flow rate measurement method
60 9,157,650 Heat source apparatus
61 9,157,353 Carbon dioxide capturing system and method of operating same
62 9,156,640 Sheet processing apparatus and color erasing apparatus
63 9,156,284 Printer apparatus
64 9,156,193 Transfer device
65 9,156,166 Robot control device
66 9,155,991 Carbon dioxide recovery apparatus and carbon dioxide recovery method
67 9,155,518 Ultrasound imaging apparatus and method for generating ultrasound image
68 9,155,516 Apparatus and method for count loss calibration of photon-counting detectors in spectral computed tomography imaging
69 9,155,515 Registration of generation detectors relative to the 3.sup.rd generation CT system coordinates using generation sinogram data
70 9,155,498 Living body sensor for obtaining information of a living body