Toshiba patents granted on 14 April 2009

41 US patents granted on 14 April 2009 and assigned to Toshiba

1 D590,523 Light emitting diode lamp
2 D590,504 Scanner for an X-ray tomography diagnosis apparatus
3 D590,438 Toner cartridge
4 D590,437 Toner cartridge
5 7,519,992 Access control system, device, and program
6 7,519,939 Method and program for supporting register-transfer-level design of semiconductor integrated circuit
7 7,519,934 System, method and program for designing a semiconductor integrated circuit using intersection ratios with standard cells
8 7,519,932 System and method for analyzing crosstalk occurring in a semiconductor integrated circuit
9 7,519,876 Memory card using flash memory and method of controlling the same
10 7,519,746 Elastic buffer
11 7,519,742 Asynchronous serial data apparatus for transferring data between one transmitter and a plurality of shift registers, avoiding skew during transmission
12 7,519,593 Data searching system, method of synchronizing metadata and data searching apparatus
13 7,519,437 Control method and apparatus
14 7,519,316 Image forming apparatus and method for forming image
15 7,519,269 Video recording/reproducing apparatus and method based on program information
16 7,519,183 Communication system, wireless communication apparatus, and communication method
17 7,519,128 MIMO transmission and reception methods and devices
18 7,519,127 Wireless transmission device and wireless receiving device
19 7,518,961 Optical disk recording and reproducing apparatus for recording and reproducing data in and from optical disk
20 7,518,922 NAND type flash memory
21 7,518,921 Semiconductor memory device which includes memory cell having charge accumulation layer and control gate
22 7,518,915 Nonvolatile semiconductor storage device
23 7,518,907 Magnetoresistive element
24 7,518,906 Magneto-resistive element
25 7,518,901 Ferroelectric semiconductor memory device and method for reading the same
26 7,518,832 Coil assembly, head suspension assembly, disk device, and method of manufacturing head suspension assembly
27 7,518,769 4-line CCD sensor and image input apparatus using the same
28 7,518,752 System and method for two color document rendering
29 7,518,510 Information processing apparatus and antitheft method for the apparatus
30 7,518,452 Voltage-controlled current source and variable-gain amplifier
31 7,518,441 Signal processor for use with a power amplifier in a wireless circuit
32 7,518,406 Current supply circuit, ring oscillator, nonvolatile semiconductor device and electronic card and electronic device
33 7,518,199 Insulating film containing an additive element and semiconductor device
34 7,518,197 Power semiconductor device
35 7,518,178 Semiconductor memory device
36 7,517,745 Semiconductor device having MOSFET with offset-spacer, and manufacturing method thereof
37 7,517,721 Linear actuator and apparatus utilizing the same
38 7,517,621 Exposure method and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
39 7,517,466 Method for manufacturing porous structure and method for forming pattern
40 7,517,206 Control system of molding machine
41 7,516,601 Sheet processing system