Toshiba patents granted on 14 March 2006

20 US patents granted on 14 March 2006 and assigned to Toshiba

1 7,013,444 Layout design system, layout design method and layout design program of semiconductor integrated circuit, and method of manufacturing the same
2 7,013,076 Digital video recording/playback system with entry point processing function
3 7,013,072 Optical device and optical module
4 7,013,046 Apparatus, method, and program for handwriting recognition
5 7,012,873 Optical disk, optical disk recording method and optical disk apparatus
6 7,012,863 Rotation control circuit, semiconductor integrated circuit, optical disk drive and method for controlling the same
7 7,012,804 Electronic apparatus having removable circuit board to connect expansion card
8 7,012,802 Electronic apparatus including optical guide that guides light from light-emitting diode to outside of housing
9 7,012,635 Solid state image sensor and video system using the same
10 7,012,628 Image forming method
11 7,012,424 Magnetic material detecting apparatus
12 7,012,359 Color cathode-ray tube
13 7,012,295 Semiconductor memory with peripheral transistors having gate insulator thickness being thinner than thickness of memory and select transistors
14 7,011,915 Exposure parameter obtaining method, exposure parameter evaluating method, semiconductor device manufacturing method, charged beam exposure apparatus, and method of the same
15 7,011,876 Optical recording medium
16 7,011,511 Injection apparatus for an industrial machine
17 7,011,464 Apparatus for detecting an end portion of a recording medium
18 7,011,307 Paper sheet detection apparatus
19 D517,227 Light emitting diode lamp
20 D517,072 IC memory card