Toshiba patents granted on 14 October 2008

41 US patents granted on 14 October 2008 and assigned to Toshiba

1 D578,699 Light emitting diode lamp
2 D578,673 Light emitting diode lamp
3 D578,672 Light emitting diode lamp
4 7,437,761 Computer virus generation detection apparatus and method
5 7,437,628 Data transmission apparatus and method
6 7,437,577 Information processing apparatus and power consumption control method
7 7,437,565 Digital watermark detection method and apparatus
8 7,437,564 Digital watermark detection method and apparatus
9 7,437,533 Quantum information processing device and method
10 7,437,479 Position identifier management apparatus and method, mobile computer, and position identifier processing method
11 7,437,266 Time-series data analyzing apparatus
12 7,437,244 Obstacle detection apparatus and a method therefor
13 7,437,198 Information processing apparatus and method of controlling the same
14 7,437,126 Radio terminal, communication control method and computer program
15 7,437,117 Closing auxiliary device and image forming apparatus therewith
16 7,437,107 Toner container in image forming apparatus
17 7,437,087 Image forming apparatus and image forming method
18 7,436,978 System and method for applying watermarks
19 7,436,924 Data managing system, x-ray computed tomographic apparatus, and x-ray computed tomographic system
20 7,436,833 Communication system, router, method of communication, method of routing, and computer program product
21 7,436,800 Radio communication scheme
22 7,436,741 Optical disc unit, optical disc recording method, and optical disc
23 7,436,714 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
24 7,436,691 Semiconductor storage device, operation method of the same and test method of the same
25 7,436,616 Current pulsing for unloading
26 7,436,538 Dispersed input and output system
27 7,436,491 Exposure system, exposure method and method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
28 7,436,430 Obstacle detection apparatus and method
29 7,436,424 Light beam scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus with parallel modulating and driving channels
30 7,436,353 Transmitting-receiving module of radar system
31 7,436,103 Variable inductor element and mobile wireless apparatus
32 7,436,007 Master slice type semiconductor integrated circuit device
33 7,435,978 System, method and a program for correcting conditions for controlling a charged particle beam for lithography and observation, and a program and method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
34 7,435,682 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
35 7,435,655 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
36 7,435,609 Manufacturing method for exposure mask, generating method for mask substrate information, mask substrate, exposure mask, manufacturing method for semiconductor device and server
37 7,435,499 Fuel cartridge for fuel cell and fuel cell
38 7,435,274 Metal particle-dispersed composite oxides, metal particle-dispersed composite oxide-sintered bodies, method of manufacturing metal particle-dispersed composite oxides, and hydrocarbon-based fuel reformer
39 7,434,998 X-ray CT scanner with graphical setting of beam thickness
40 7,434,909 Ink-jet head and head unit
41 7,434,294 Suction opening body and electric cleaner