Toshiba patents granted on 16 August 2016

43 US patents granted on 16 August 2016 and assigned to Toshiba

1 9,420,725 Air conditioning apparatus and air conditioning control method
2 9,420,136 Image reading device that determines size of document and image forming apparatus having the same
3 9,419,517 Electric power conversion device
4 9,419,488 Armature winding of rotating electrical machine
5 9,419,269 Press apparatus for electrode, electrode manufacturing apparatus, and electrode manufacturing method
6 9,419,192 Composite resin and electronic device
7 9,419,175 Semiconductor light emitting device
8 9,419,152 Carbon electrode, carbon electrode production method, and photoelectric conversion device
9 9,419,119 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
10 9,418,960 Semiconductor chip and semiconductor package
11 9,418,938 Semiconductor device having a graphene interconnect
12 9,418,887 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
13 9,418,816 X-ray tube and X-ray CT device
14 9,418,740 Semiconductor storage device writing data into memory cells using a half selected state and a write state
15 9,418,737 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of controlling the same
16 9,418,732 Semiconductor memory device
17 9,418,720 Pattern matching device
18 9,418,451 X-ray CT apparatus, substance identifying method, and image processing apparatus
19 9,418,224 Portable electronic device and control method of portable electronic device
20 9,418,211 Electronic device and method of transmitting content item
21 9,418,044 Configuring selected component-processors operating environment and input/output connections based on demand
22 9,418,022 Storage system in which information is prevented
23 9,417,825 Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and image forming system with decolorable printing and non-decolorable printing
24 9,417,820 Low-overhead storage of a hibernation file in a hybrid disk drive
25 9,417,819 Cache device for hard disk drives and methods of operations
26 9,417,799 Memory system and method for controlling a nonvolatile semiconductor memory
27 9,417,798 Card and host device
28 9,417,769 Control device, display device, control method and program product
29 9,417,659 Electronic apparatus
30 9,417,578 Image forming apparatus and image forming method
31 9,417,546 Image forming apparatus and image forming method for forming a transparent toner image and a color image
32 9,417,455 Image display device
33 9,416,686 Heat recovery steam generator and power plant
34 9,416,683 Carbon dioxide recovery method and carbon-dioxide-recovery-type steam power generation system
35 9,415,972 Elevator operation control method and operation control device
36 9,415,597 Ink jet head having nozzle plate equipped with piezoelectric elements
37 9,415,593 Ink jet head and manufacturing method of the same
38 9,415,592 Ink jet head having a plurality of drive circuits housed in a casing
39 9,415,537 Demolding device
40 9,414,807 Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus, medical image display apparatus and medical image displaying method
41 9,414,793 X-ray CT system
42 9,414,765 Fresh blood imaging (FBI) with independently controlled MRI data acquisition parameters for diastolic and systolic MRI acquisition sub-sequences
43 9,414,751 Image processing apparatus and image processing method