Toshiba patents granted on 16 December 2008

29 US patents granted on 16 December 2008 and assigned to Toshiba

1 7,467,361 Pipeline high-level synthesis system and method
2 7,467,307 Electronic circuit and electronic device
3 7,467,213 Portable device and a method for accessing a computer resource of a temporary registered user
4 7,467,136 System and method for persistent query information retrieval
5 7,467,088 Closed caption control apparatus and method therefor
6 7,466,956 Auto document feeder
7 7,466,932 Image forming method with renewal of toner residual amount
8 7,466,902 H. 264 codec IC, DVD playback apparatus, H. 264 codec method
9 7,466,854 Size checking method and apparatus
10 7,466,725 Quantum computer apparatus
11 7,466,705 Data transmitting node and network inter-connection node suitable for home network environment
12 7,466,671 Data transfer method and radio terminal for executing transport layer protocol on radio network
13 7,466,610 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
14 7,466,593 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device reading and writing multi-value data defined by a combination of different data levels of cells
15 7,466,548 Cooling device for cooling a heat-generating component, and electronic apparatus having the cooling device
16 7,466,464 Image forming apparatus and image forming method
17 7,466,445 Color and density calibration of color printers
18 7,466,432 Printer driver and method with automatic setting feature
19 7,466,253 Integrated circuit, self-test method for the integrated circuit, and optical disc apparatus including the integrated circuit
20 7,466,060 Piezoelectric driving type MEMS apparatus
21 7,466,029 Chip on chip device including basic chips capable of functioning independently from each other, and a system in package device including the chip on chip device
22 7,465,998 Semiconductor device
23 7,465,984 Nonvolatile memory element
24 7,465,959 Semiconductor light emitting device, semiconductor light emitting apparatus, and method of manufacturing semiconductor light emitting device
25 7,465,668 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
26 7,465,628 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
27 7,465,624 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
28 7,465,162 Transcript apparatus
29 7,464,747 Cooling device for heat-generating elements