Toshiba patents granted on 16 July 2013

64 US patents granted on 16 July 2013 and assigned to Toshiba

1 D686,273 Bank-note checking machine
2 8,490,164 User authentication method, user authenticating device and program product
3 8,490,130 Television channel list system and method
4 8,489,924 Evaluating apparatus and evaluating program product
5 8,489,802 Recordable memory device which writes data to reformatted user area of nonvolatile semiconductor memory
6 8,489,408 Medical equipment management apparatus which predicts future status of medical equipment
7 8,489,264 Battery measuring device, battery control system and vehicle
8 8,489,238 Robot control apparatus
9 8,489,030 Radio apparatus having first and second amplifiers and which performs direct current offset correction of the first and second amplifiers
10 8,489,010 Image delete apparatus and recording medium carrying method of image delete apparatus
11 8,489,005 Image forming apparatus, alignment pattern forming method, and computer-readable recording medium having toner image alignment program recorded therein
12 8,488,949 Information recording medium, information recording/playback method, and information recording/playback apparatus
13 8,488,914 Electronic apparatus and image processing method
14 8,488,879 Image processing device and image processing method
15 8,488,871 Three-dimensional ultrasonic inspection apparatus
16 8,488,864 Emission analysis device, method and system
17 8,488,860 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
18 8,488,856 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method of analyzing images provided thereby
19 8,488,853 X-ray imaging apparatus
20 8,488,833 Electronic apparatus
21 8,488,807 Audio signal compensation device and audio signal compensation method
22 8,488,401 Semiconductor storage device
23 8,488,391 Memory chip with buffer controlled based upon the last address cycle
24 8,488,378 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
25 8,488,375 Magnetic recording element and nonvolatile memory device
26 8,488,373 Spin injection layer robustness for microwave assisted magnetic recording
27 8,488,367 Semiconductor memory device and method for controlling the same
28 8,488,366 Semiconductor memory device
29 8,488,346 Power conversion apparatus and method
30 8,488,264 Magnetic disk device, signal processing circuit, and signal processing method
31 8,488,232 Operating method for stimulated Raman adiabatic passage and operating method for phase gate
32 8,488,142 Document management support system including information medium controllers that communicate with an information management server
33 8,488,073 Autostereoscopic image display apparatus
34 8,488,068 Electronic apparatus and method for assisting in remote control
35 8,488,028 Solid state imaging device including a pixel region, a black reference region, and a dummy region
36 8,487,983 Viewing area adjusting device, video processing device, and viewing area adjusting method based on number of viewers
37 8,487,972 Decoloring apparatus, image forming apparatus, and decoloring method
38 8,487,971 Erasing apparatus, paper post-processing apparatus, image forming and erasing apparatus, and image erasing method in the erasing apparatus
39 8,487,949 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
40 8,487,688 Semiconductor device
41 8,487,618 High frequency coil unit and magnetic resonance diagnostic apparatus having a self-contained cooling airflow chassis
42 8,487,614 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus/method counter-actively suppressing remnant eddy current magnetic fields generated from gradients applied before controlling contrast pre-pulses and MRI image data acquisition
43 8,487,449 Carbon nanotube interconnection and manufacturing method thereof
44 8,487,418 LED package
45 8,487,394 Solid-state imaging device and method of manufacturing the same
46 8,487,374 Power semiconductor device
47 8,487,365 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing same
48 8,487,364 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing same
49 8,487,359 Spin MOSFET and reconfigurable logic circuit using the spin MOSFET
50 8,487,345 Information recording and reproducing device
51 8,487,330 Phosphor and LED light-emitting device using the same
52 8,487,286 Radiation therapy equipment
53 8,487,282 Particle beam irradiation apparatus and control method of the particle beam irradiation apparatus
54 8,487,267 Ultraviolet irradiation system
55 8,486,828 Semiconductor device manufacturing method
56 8,486,599 Developer and image forming apparatus
57 8,486,598 Electrophotographic toner
58 8,486,315 Injection molding method and injection molding device
59 8,486,288 Pattern forming method
60 8,486,182 Method and system for removing carbon dioxide from exhaust gas by utilizing seawater
61 8,485,977 Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus
62 8,485,745 Thermal printer and drive control method of thermal head
63 8,485,624 Droplet dispensing control method, droplet dispensing control device, and method of manufacturing semiconductor devices
64 8,485,520 Sheet stacking apparatus with skew value sensor for sheet stack designation