Toshiba patents granted on 16 May 2006

62 US patents granted on 16 May 2006 and assigned to Toshiba

1 7,047,542 Disc drive apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
2 7,047,492 Document management system
3 7,047,444 Address selection for testing of a microprocessor
4 7,047,392 Data processing apparatus and method for controlling staged multi-pipeline processing
5 7,047,172 Electric network simulating method, simulating apparatus, and medium for storing simulation program
6 7,047,154 Interconnection pattern inspection method, manufacturing method of semiconductor device and inspection apparatus
7 7,047,147 Testing system, a computer implemented testing method and a method for manufacturing electronic devices
8 7,047,094 LSI mask manufacturing system, LSI mask manufacturing method and LSI mask manufacturing program
9 7,046,974 Radio frequency circuit and communication system with power amplifier control
10 7,046,939 Induction heating fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus with voltage and/or power level detecting
11 7,046,937 Fixing device of image forming apparatus employing electro-photographic process and controlling method of the same
12 7,046,933 Optical communications system
13 7,046,915 Optical disc for storing moving pictures with text information and apparatus using the disc
14 7,046,806 Information recording apparatus and method, and information reproduction apparatus and method
15 7,046,647 Mobility architecture using pre-authentication, pre-configuration and/or virtual soft-handoff
16 7,046,585 Information storage medium and information recording apparatus for storing video and audio signals distributed by digital broadcasting
17 7,046,569 Semiconductor integrated circuit device including OTP memory, and method of programming OTP memory
18 7,046,559 Semiconductor memory device capable of erasing or writing data in one bank while reading data from another bank
19 7,046,558 Method for controlling a nonvolatile memory
20 7,046,555 Methods for identifying non-volatile memory elements with poor subthreshold slope or weak transconductance
21 7,046,546 Semiconductor memory device
22 7,046,545 Semiconductor integrated circuit device including magnetoresistive effect device and method of manufacturing the same
23 7,046,542 Semiconductor integrated circuit device
24 7,046,541 Semiconductor integrated circuit device
25 7,046,540 Semiconductor integrated circuit device and information storage method therefor
26 7,046,489 Magnetoresistance effect element, magnetic head and magnetic recording and/or reproducing system
27 7,046,477 Apparatus and method for calculating disk shift amount in disk drive
28 7,046,475 Apparatus and method for controlling head unload operation in disk drive
29 7,046,402 Image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus
30 7,046,395 Image forming apparatus
31 7,046,334 Displacement correction apparatus, exposure system, exposure method and a computer program product
32 7,046,184 Analog/digital converter for detecting coincidence or non-coincidence between data and a micro-computer including the analog/digital converter
33 7,046,085 Power amplifier and radio communication device using the amplifier
34 7,046,084 Power amplifier and radio communication device using the amplifier
35 7,046,045 SOI sense amplifier with cross-coupled bit line structure
36 7,046,008 Radio-frequency coil apparatus
37 7,045,942 Color picture tube
38 7,045,941 Color cathode ray tube
39 7,045,886 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
40 7,045,858 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
41 7,045,856 Semiconductor device
42 7,045,837 Hardmask with high selectivity for Ir barriers for ferroelectric capacitor manufacturing
43 7,045,801 Charged beam exposure apparatus having blanking aperture and basic figure aperture
44 7,045,789 Radiation detection device for nuclear medicine diagnosis device and detecting method therefor
45 7,045,785 Method for manufacturing an infrared sensor device
46 7,045,771 Light beam scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus
47 7,045,749 Apparatus for fixing toner on transferred material
48 7,045,462 Method for fabricating a pattern and method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
49 7,045,458 Semiconductor and method of manufacturing the same
50 7,045,448 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
51 7,045,426 Vertical type power MOSFET having trenched gate structure
52 7,045,423 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device with multi-layer gate structure
53 7,045,417 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
54 7,045,415 MIM capacitor having flat diffusion prevention films
55 7,045,409 Semiconductor device having active regions connected together by interconnect layer and method of manufacture thereof
56 7,044,914 Apparatus and method for ultrasonic diagnostic imaging
57 7,044,913 Ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus
58 7,044,720 Fan motor
59 7,044,580 Ink jet recording head maintenance apparatus and ink jet recording apparatus
60 7,044,579 Maintenance method and maintenance apparatus for ink jet head
61 D521,039 Digital camera
62 D520,944 Battery charger for a cellular phone