Toshiba patents granted on 16 November 2010

49 US patents granted on 16 November 2010 and assigned to Toshiba

1 7,836,421 Semiconductor layout design apparatus and method for evaluating a floorplan using distances between standard cells and macrocells
2 7,836,377 Semiconductor memory device
3 7,836,304 Digital signature generation apparatus, digital signature verification apparatus, and key generation apparatus
4 7,836,245 Nonvolatile memory system, and data read/write method for nonvolatile memory system
5 7,836,006 Behavior prediction apparatus and method
6 7,835,743 Seamless network interface selection, handoff and management in multi-IP network interface mobile devices
7 7,835,681 Induction heating device and induction heat fixing device
8 7,835,658 Image forming apparatus which determines billing amount
9 7,835,590 Image processing apparatus and imaging device
10 7,835,482 Emergency core cooling system
11 7,835,476 Method for receiving OFDM signal, and receiver
12 7,835,244 Optical disc apparatus and ADIP decoder
13 7,835,235 Optical pickup apparatus and optical recording/reproducing system using the same
14 7,835,210 Magnetic random access memory and data read method of the same
15 7,835,182 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and method of writing data in non-volatile semiconductor memory devices
16 7,835,181 Semiconductor memory device
17 7,835,174 Non-volatile memory device and method of reading data therefrom
18 7,835,104 Storage device, control method, control device, and program
19 7,835,027 Reducing the resolution of a rendered image for printing
20 7,834,996 Inspection apparatus and method
21 7,834,903 Stereoscopic display device and display method
22 7,834,901 Image forming apparatus which executes an image quality control
23 7,834,892 Mobile radio terminal apparatus
24 7,834,763 Wireless tag reader/writer control system and wireless tag reader/writer control method
25 7,834,682 Reference voltage generation circuit and semiconductor storage apparatus using the same
26 7,834,681 Semiconductor integrated circuit
27 7,834,535 Flat panel type display apparatus
28 7,834,534 Illuminant substrate and manufacturing method thereof and image display apparatus
29 7,834,508 Slot positions for a three-phase two-pole armature winding with a seventy-two slot armature core
30 7,834,446 Electronic device and method for coping with electrostatic discharge
31 7,834,408 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
32 7,834,358 Semiconductor LSI circuit and a method for fabricating the semiconductor LSI circuit
33 7,833,941 Oxide superconductor and method for producing the same
34 7,833,912 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
35 7,833,911 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, apparatus of manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device
36 7,833,865 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device including a LaAIO.sub.3 layer
37 7,833,856 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing same
38 7,833,836 Stack MCP and manufacturing method thereof
39 7,833,677 Nonaqueous electrolyte battery
40 7,833,458 Imprinting method and stamper
41 7,833,431 Aqueous dispersion for CMP, polishing method and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
42 7,833,361 Alloy and method for producing magnetic refrigeration material particles using same
43 7,832,947 Driving mechanism
44 7,832,874 Display shelf for illuminating an article placed on a placing table
45 7,832,717 Internal warming-up method and sheet post-processing apparatus including warming-up device
46 7,832,715 Sheet processing apparatus and sheet processing method
47 7,832,424 Coupler, fuel cell employing the coupler and fuel cartridge
48 D627,493 Light emitting diode lamp
49 D627,492 Light emitting diode lamp