Toshiba patents granted on 16 October 2007

29 US patents granted on 16 October 2007 and assigned to Toshiba

1 7,284,164 Method and apparatus for error correction of read data in a disk drive
2 7,284,130 Digital watermark detection method and apparatus
3 7,283,929 Plant apparatus operation support device
4 7,283,918 Apparatus for analyzing fault of semiconductor integrated circuit, method for the same, and computer readable medium for the same
5 7,283,885 Electron beam lithography system, method of electron beam lithography, program and method for manufacturing a semiconductor device with direct writing
6 7,283,773 Toner container, image forming apparatus, and method for identifying toner container
7 7,283,725 Recording medium of stream data, and recording method and playback method of the same
8 7,283,679 Image processor and method thereof
9 7,283,658 Topographic measurement using stereoscopic picture frames
10 7,283,614 X-ray diagnosis apparatus and method for creating image data
11 7,283,598 OFDM receiver apparatus
12 7,283,459 Optical disk and optical disk apparatus
13 7,283,447 Optical disc and optical disc apparatus
14 7,283,324 Disk drive device and method having stabilizer plate located between disks
15 7,283,285 Image forming apparatus and method of controlling the apparatus
16 7,283,207 Exposure apparatus
17 7,283,137 Multidimensional data display apparatus, method, and multidimensional data display program
18 7,282,867 Lighting device for discharge lamp
19 7,282,827 Permanent magnet motor
20 7,282,774 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
21 7,282,752 MOSFET with a thin gate insulating film
22 7,282,725 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, semiconductor manufacturing apparatus, and stencil mask
23 7,282,717 X-ray detector and X-ray examination apparatus using it
24 7,282,444 Semiconductor chip and manufacturing method for the same, and semiconductor device
25 7,282,437 Insulating tube, semiconductor device employing the tube, and method of manufacturing the same
26 7,282,413 Semiconductor device including nonvolatile memory and method for fabricating the same
27 7,281,802 Stereoscopic display device and method
28 D553,249 Probe for an ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus
29 D553,246 Bed for a scanner for a magnetic resonance tomography apparatus