Toshiba patents granted on 17 August 2010

68 US patents granted on 17 August 2010 and assigned to Toshiba

1 D621,972 Light emitting diode lamp
2 D621,971 Light emitting diode lamp
3 D621,970 Light emitting diode lamp
4 D621,969 Light emitting diode lamp
5 D621,806 Television receiver
6 7,779,364 System and method for generating a graphical user input interface via an associated display
7 7,779,288 High resolution timer circuit and time count method for suppressing increase in storage capacity
8 7,779,228 Quantum information processing device and method
9 7,779,202 Apparatus and method for controlling disk array with redundancy and error counting
10 7,779,195 Communication control apparatus for common bus connection devices
11 7,779,192 Electronic device with card interface
12 7,779,180 Semiconductor device and system for performing data processing
13 7,779,179 Interface controller, method for controlling the interface controller, and a computer system
14 7,779,107 Prefix and IP address management scheme for router and host in network system
15 7,779,084 Process migration method computer and system
16 7,779,005 Database management apparatus and method of managing database
17 7,778,953 Document management apparatus and document management method
18 7,778,863 System and method for customer behavior movement frequency prediction in a store
19 7,778,773 Optimum route planning for service vehicles
20 7,778,623 Communication system and server apparatus and terminal apparatus
21 7,778,587 Auto document feeder
22 7,778,578 Toner container in image forming apparatus
23 7,778,564 Fixing device and fixing method of image forming apparatus
24 7,778,540 Verification apparatus and verification method for recording media
25 7,778,524 Information storage medium and information recording/playback system
26 7,778,470 Moving picture processor, method, and computer program product to generate metashots
27 7,778,465 Image forming apparatus with a plurality of functions
28 7,778,358 Receiver, wireless device and method for cancelling a DC offset component
29 7,778,354 Communicating apparatus, method of calculating set value of orthogonal error compensation and orthogonal error compensation program
30 7,778,144 Optical recording medium, information recording method, and information reproducing method
31 7,778,078 Memory system and control method thereof
32 7,778,062 Resistance change memory device
33 7,778,034 Power amplification device and transmitter using it
34 7,778,027 Electronic device
35 7,778,018 Support device and electronic equipment system
36 7,778,016 Electronic apparatus having battery receptacle at the rear of keyboard
37 7,777,979 Magnetic disk device testing method and testing device
38 7,777,950 Stereoscopic image display apparatus
39 7,777,923 Optical beam scanning apparatus, image forming apparatus
40 7,777,920 Image copier and image copying method
41 7,777,918 Image forming apparatus and method of controlling the apparatus
42 7,777,815 Video image quality control apparatus and method
43 7,777,775 Optical beam scanning apparatus, image forming apparatus
44 7,777,766 Image display apparatus and method
45 7,777,739 Display apparatus, digital-to-analog conversion circuit and digital-to-analog conversion method
46 7,777,698 Drive method of EL display panel
47 7,777,592 Antenna sharing device and portable telephone
48 7,777,582 Clock generator
49 7,777,549 Level shifter circuit
50 7,777,489 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus, shield coil, manufacturing method of shield coil, and driving method of magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
51 7,777,477 Frequency characteristic measuring circuit
52 7,777,348 Semiconductor device
53 7,777,292 Semiconductor device
54 7,777,270 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing the same
55 7,777,227 Non-volatile semiconductor storage device and manufacturing method thereof
56 7,776,756 Etching apparatus, a method of controlling an etching solution, and a method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
57 7,776,754 Semiconductor device manufacturing method and chemical fluid used for manufacturing semiconductor device
58 7,776,735 Semiconductor device and process for manufacturing the same
59 7,776,689 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
60 7,776,387 Method for manufacturing a magneto-resistance effect element
61 7,776,258 Hydrogen storage alloy, hydrogen separation membrane, hydrogen storage tank, and hydrogen absorption and desorption method
62 7,776,196 Method for arranging particles and method for manufacturing light-emitting device
63 7,775,727 Optical module and manufacturing method of the same
64 7,775,518 Sheet carrying device and sheet carrying method
65 7,775,514 Sheet post-processing apparatus
66 7,775,423 Portable electronic device and control method of portable electronic device
67 7,775,339 Passenger conveyor
68 7,775,258 Method and apparatus for removing a casted part for use in a die casting machine