Toshiba patents granted on 17 July 2012

82 US patents granted on 17 July 2012 and assigned to Toshiba

1 RE43,524 Wireless communication system and wireless station
2 RE43,521 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device, including multiple heat treatment
3 D663,866 Light emitting diode module
4 D663,865 Light emitting diode module
5 8,225,352 Viewing recommendation apparatus and method
6 8,225,304 System and method for remotely securing software updates of computer systems
7 8,225,268 Wiring design method for wiring board
8 8,225,199 Medical-information display apparatus and medical-information display method
9 8,225,154 Low power design using a scan bypass multiplexer as an isolation cell
10 8,225,145 Information processing apparatus and diagnosis result notifying method
11 8,225,058 Memory system managing a size of logs
12 8,225,047 Memory system with pre-fetch operation
13 8,224,882 Industrial controller
14 8,224,685 Apparatus and method for analyzing personal behavior
15 8,224,646 Speech synthesizing device, method and computer program product
16 8,224,319 Mobile wireless terminal apparatus and base station search method
17 8,224,262 Identification information reader and printer including the same
18 8,224,203 Fixing device and temperature control method therefor
19 8,224,193 Image forming apparatus, MFP and method of displaying jam removal guidance
20 8,224,111 Method of restoring degraded image, apparatus for restoring degraded image, and computer program product
21 8,224,110 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
22 8,224,049 Ultrasonic image processing apparatus and a method for processing an ultrasonic image
23 8,224,038 Apparatus, computer program product, and method for processing pictures
24 8,224,020 Appearance inspection apparatus, appearance inspection system, and appearance inspection appearance
25 8,223,917 Method of quantitative analysis of hexavalent chromium in chromate coating and method for controlling hazardous element in encapsulating resin of resin encapsulation semiconductor device
26 8,223,914 Spent fuel storage rack
27 8,223,834 Communication apparatus and control method for communication apparatus
28 8,223,832 Resolution increasing apparatus
29 8,223,716 Assisted proactive IP address acquisition
30 8,223,684 Mobile communication system, gateway, concentrator, and handover control method
31 8,223,581 Semiconductor storage device
32 8,223,579 Semiconductor storage device
33 8,223,570 Semiconductor storage device with bit line pre-charge circuit
34 8,223,569 Semiconductor memory device
35 8,223,565 Resistance change memory with current control and voltage control during a write operation, and write method of the same
36 8,223,558 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
37 8,223,557 Semiconductor memory device and data write method thereof
38 8,223,552 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method for driving the same
39 8,223,550 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory apparatus comprising charge accumulation layer and control gate
40 8,223,546 Multi-dot flash memory
41 8,223,543 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
42 8,223,542 Method of reading data in semiconductor memory device with charge accumulation layer
43 8,223,533 Magnetoresistive effect device and magnetic memory
44 8,223,516 Multi-pulse rectifier for AC drive systems having separate DC bus per output phase
45 8,223,507 Electronic circuit and method for making electronic circuit
46 8,223,449 Disk drive track address encoded with a servo sector address
47 8,223,420 Cylindrical lens, optical beam scanning apparatus using apparatus the same, image forming apparatus, and method of manufacturing the lens
48 8,223,414 Quantum computing method and quantum computer
49 8,223,383 USB print
50 8,223,374 Maintenance system of image forming apparatus and maintenance method of the same
51 8,223,299 Liquid crystal display device
52 8,223,273 Video transmission apparatus and video transmission method
53 8,223,271 Video processing apparatus and video processing method
54 8,223,212 Hand movement correction apparatus, medium storing hand movement correction program, image pickup apparatus, and medium storing image pickup program
55 8,223,207 System for tracking a moving object, by using particle filtering
56 8,223,182 Printer and method of determining print start position
57 8,223,175 Video signal control apparatus and video signal control method
58 8,223,080 Transmission and reception module
59 8,222,999 Commodity display position alert system and commodity display position alert method
60 8,222,968 Microstrip transmission line device including an offset resistive region extending between conductive layers and method of manufacture
61 8,222,953 Boost circuit
62 8,222,922 ROM implementation for ROM based logic design
63 8,222,778 High-voltage bushing of a rotating electric machine
64 8,222,687 Nonvolatile semiconductor storage device and method of manufacture thereof
65 8,222,677 Semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
66 8,222,626 Semiconductor memory device, method of manufacturing the same, and method of screening the same
67 8,222,617 Laser-driven particle beam irradiation apparatus and method
68 8,222,607 Apparatus for time to digital conversion
69 8,222,160 Metal containing sacrifice material and method of damascene wiring formation
70 8,222,150 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, template, and method of creating pattern inspection data
71 8,222,106 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device, method of fabricating the nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and process of writing data on the nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
72 8,222,075 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device using a variable resistance film and method of manufacturing the same
73 8,222,051 Manufacturing method for exposure mask, generating method for mask substrate information, mask substrate, exposure mask, manufacturing method for semiconductor device and server
74 8,221,827 Patterning method
75 8,221,637 Method and apparatus for manufacturing magnetic recording media
76 8,221,622 Polymer composite, water-treatment method using the same and manufacturing method of the same
77 8,221,609 Process for producing rare metal and production system thereof
78 8,220,794 Control for bundle hook of finisher and image forming apparatus
79 8,220,790 Sheet processing apparatus and sheet processing method
80 8,220,714 Scanner
81 8,220,705 System and method for card based document processing device login and accounting
82 8,220,147 Metal-containing resin particle, resin particle, electronic circuit substrate, and method of producing electronic circuit