Toshiba patents granted on 17 October 2006

56 US patents granted on 17 October 2006 and assigned to Toshiba

1 7,124,429 Video coding apparatus and video decoding apparatus
2 7,124,389 Automated wiring pattern layout method
3 7,124,378 Material estimation apparatus, material estimation program and method of estimating materials
4 7,124,345 Data processing method and apparatus, recording medium, reproducing method and apparatus using the same method
5 7,124,310 System including a computer and a fuel cell that communicates with the computer and supplies power to the computer
6 7,124,263 Memory controller, semiconductor integrated circuit, and method for controlling a memory
7 7,124,209 Peripheral equipment of computer
8 7,124,130 Word string collating apparatus, word string collating method and address recognition apparatus
9 7,124,046 Method and apparatus for calibration of camera system, and method of manufacturing camera system
10 7,123,914 Communication network system
11 7,123,880 Voice command-operable information processing apparatus and program for external data presentation
12 7,123,817 Information storage medium and information recording/playback system
13 7,123,744 Digital watermark embedding method, digital watermark embedding apparatus, digital watermark detecting method, and digital watermark detecting apparatus
14 7,123,691 X-ray computed tomography scanner
15 7,123,680 X-ray computer tomography apparatus
16 7,123,643 Communication connection set up method using predicted ID packet receiving processing start time
17 7,123,604 Mobile IP communication scheme incorporating individual user authentication
18 7,123,582 Data transmission system, and node equipment and network management equipment used in the same
19 7,123,539 Memory modules with magnetoresistive elements and method of reading data from row or column directions
20 7,123,527 Redundancy fuse circuit
21 7,123,526 Semiconductor device, nonvolatile semiconductor memory, system including a plurality of semiconductor devices or nonvolatile semiconductor memories, electric card including semiconductor device or nonvolatile semiconductor memory, and electric device with which this electric card can be used
22 7,123,515 Semiconductor integrated circuit adapted to output pass/fail results of internal operations
23 7,123,509 Floating body cell memory and reading and writing circuit thereof
24 7,123,504 Semiconductor integrated circuit device having static random access memory mounted thereon
25 7,123,501 Semiconductor memory device using ferroelectric capacitor, and semiconductor device with the same
26 7,123,371 Document input system and document input method
27 7,123,345 Automatic focusing apparatus
28 7,123,275 Strobe image composition method, apparatus, computer, and program product
29 7,123,220 Self-luminous display device
30 7,123,196 Information device
31 7,123,126 Method of and computer program product for monitoring person’s movements
32 7,123,089 Power amplifier with pulse differentiating circuit
33 7,123,082 Variable time constant circuit and filter circuit using the same
34 7,123,061 Frequency converter having low supply voltage
35 7,123,054 Semiconductor integrated circuit device having an ESD protection unit
36 7,122,977 Cathode-ray tube apparatus
37 7,122,869 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device in which selection transistors and memory transistors have different impurity concentration distributions
38 7,122,866 Semiconductor memory device with a stacked gate including a floating gate and a control gate and method of manufacturing the same
39 7,122,864 Semiconductor substrate having a partial SOI structure, method of manufacturing the same, a semiconductor device having a partial SOI structure, and method of manufacturing the same
40 7,122,858 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device including improved gate electrode
41 7,122,855 Semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
42 7,122,854 Semiconductor memory device comprising magneto resistive element and its manufacturing method
43 7,122,851 Semiconductor device with perovskite capacitor
44 7,122,809 Charged beam writing method and writing tool
45 7,122,798 Infrared image sensor
46 7,122,470 Semiconductor device with a CMOS transistor
47 7,122,448 Annealing apparatus, annealing method, and manufacturing method of a semiconductor device
48 7,122,446 Semiconductor light-emitting element
49 7,122,432 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method thereof
50 7,122,430 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory and manufacturing method for the same
51 7,122,429 Semiconductor memory and method of manufacturing the same
52 7,122,385 Magnetic memory device having magnetic circuit and method of manufacture thereof
53 7,121,472 Semiconductor integrated circuit, semiconductor integrated circuit module and information apparatus
54 7,121,454 Moving-film display device
55 7,121,286 Method for cleaning a manufacturing apparatus and a manufacturing apparatus
56 7,120,965 Battery-powered vacuum cleaner and method of cooling battery-powered vacuum cleaner