Toshiba patents granted on 18 December 2007

21 US patents granted on 18 December 2007 and assigned to Toshiba

1 7,310,763 Data processing method and apparatus, recording medium, reproducing method and apparatus using the same method
2 7,310,683 Message relaying scheme based on switching in units of flows
3 7,310,571 Method and apparatus for reducing environmental load generated from living behaviors in everyday life of a user
4 7,310,362 Semiconductor light emitting device and semiconductor light emitting apparatus
5 7,310,274 Semiconductor device
6 7,310,270 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
7 7,310,269 High-speed verifiable semiconductor memory device
8 7,310,263 ROM storing information by using pair of memory cells
9 7,310,253 Power conversion circuit control apparatus
10 7,310,227 Electronic apparatus
11 7,310,126 Reflective LCD comprising reflective surface including convex portions whose elevation varying cycles is greater than pitch of convex portions
12 7,310,007 Logic circuit, system for reducing a clock skew, and method for reducing a clock skew
13 7,309,947 Piezoelectric transducer including a plurality of piezoelectric members
14 7,309,891 Non-volatile and memory semiconductor integrated circuit
15 7,309,884 Semiconductor light receiving device and method of fabricating the same
16 7,309,633 Semiconductor device including MOS field effect transistor having offset spacers or gate sidewall films on either side of gate electrode and method of manufacturing the same
17 7,309,424 Filtering apparatus, back wash method therefor, filtering device and power plant
18 7,309,240 Apparatus and electronic apparatus
19 7,309,006 Settlement terminal
20 7,308,828 Ultrasonic probe
21 7,308,819 Gas measuring method inside a sealed container