Toshiba patents granted on 18 September 2007

40 US patents granted on 18 September 2007 and assigned to Toshiba

1 7,272,810 Semiconductor integrated circuit having multi-level interconnection, CAD method and CAD tool for designing the semiconductor integrated circuit
2 7,272,743 Semiconductor integrated circuit
3 7,272,717 System of authentication, apparatus, program and method
4 7,272,711 Recording/reproducing apparatus and method for updating firmware of the apparatus
5 7,272,647 Print system by mobile terminal, and network system using mobile terminal
6 7,272,632 Distributed system and multiplexing control method for the system
7 7,272,535 Failure history management apparatus
8 7,272,490 Trail analysis method and apparatus
9 7,272,460 Method for designing a manufacturing process, method for providing manufacturing process design and technology computer-aided design system
10 7,272,455 Remote controlling device, program and system with control command changing function
11 7,272,410 Radio communication device and a method for establishing radio connection
12 7,272,389 Wireless communication apparatus for use in communication using identification data
13 7,272,384 Communication device including phonebook and communication method therefor
14 7,272,372 Diversity antenna apparatus and diversity antenna control method
15 7,272,371 Radio receiver and radio receiving method
16 7,272,181 Method and apparatus for estimating and controlling the number of bits output from a video coder
17 7,272,143 ATM communication system, process migration method in the ATM communication system, and handover processing method
18 7,272,107 Optical recording medium having super resolution layer
19 7,272,096 Optical disk, optical disk recording method and optical disk apparatus
20 7,272,042 Semiconductor integrated circuit device
21 7,271,861 Liquid crystal display device protection structure for electronic equipment
22 7,271,751 Digital BIST test scheme for ADC/DAC circuits
23 7,271,639 Voltage level converter circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit device
24 7,271,566 Method and system for managing the voltage on the DC bus of a speed controller for an AC motor
25 7,271,546 Lighting device for dielectric barrier discharge lamp
26 7,271,504 Power-on reset semiconductor and method of controlling power supply voltage
27 7,271,477 Power semiconductor device package
28 7,271,443 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method for the same
29 7,271,429 Nitride semiconductor device
30 7,271,040 Electrode contact section of semiconductor device
31 7,270,921 Pattern writing and forming method
32 7,270,916 Recording medium
33 7,270,463 Area light source device and liquid crystal display apparatus including the same
34 7,270,326 Paper sheet separation and transfer apparatus
35 7,270,193 Method and system for distributing programs using tamper resistant processor
36 7,270,021 Apparatus and method for mounting and moving a working apparatus on a structure for the performance of works on the structure
37 D551,347 Operation device for an x-ray apparatus for medical treatment
38 D551,255 Digital audio player
39 D551,203 Telephone set
40 D551,193 Projection television set