Toshiba patents granted on 19 October 2010

50 US patents granted on 19 October 2010 and assigned to Toshiba

1 RE41,838 Output buffer circuit and semiconductor memory using the same
2 D625,694 Light emitting diode module
3 7,818,651 Semiconductor memory device having data holding mode using ECC function
4 7,818,602 Semiconductor integrated circuit device preventing logic transition during a failed clock period
5 7,818,556 Storage apparatus, control method, and control device which can be reliably started up when power is turned on even after there is an error during firmware update
6 7,818,546 Pipeline processing communicating adjacent stages and controls to prevent the address information from being overwritten
7 7,818,494 Storage device and control method of the storage device
8 7,818,479 Interface apparatus and packet transfer method
9 7,818,437 Connection management system, connection management method, and management server
10 7,818,197 Schedule management apparatus, schedule management method and program
11 7,818,173 Information retrieval system, method, and program
12 7,818,161 Apparatus and method for UART emulation
13 7,818,119 Electronic apparatus and navigation image display method
14 7,817,937 Image forming apparatus and attaching method of charger unit in image forming apparatus to install/remove main chargers
15 7,817,932 Image forming apparatus and control method of the same
16 7,817,904 Information recording method, information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
17 7,817,787 Voice mail apparatus and control method of voice mail apparatus
18 7,817,528 Optical disk medium and optical disk apparatus
19 7,817,468 Semiconductor storage device provided with memory cell having charge accumulation layer and control gate
20 7,817,457 Non-volatile memory device
21 7,817,439 System and apparatus for power distribution for a semiconductor device
22 7,817,377 Original disk fabrication method, magnetic recording medium manufacturing method and magnetic recording medium
23 7,817,375 Magnetic recording head having spin wave oscillator which locally heats a recording track
24 7,817,372 Head flying height control method, write current value determining method, and storage device
25 7,817,233 OCB-mode liquid-crystal display device
26 7,817,209 Video signal processing device and video signal processing method
27 7,817,153 Graphic rendering apparatus which parallel-processes pixels at a time
28 7,817,152 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and image processing program
29 7,817,149 Semiconductor circuits for driving current-driven display and display
30 7,817,139 Membrane switch, keyboard, and electronic apparatus having keyboard
31 7,817,119 Display device and method of manufacturing the display device
32 7,816,976 Power supply circuit using insulated-gate field-effect transistors
33 7,816,950 Semiconductor integrated circuit
34 7,816,924 Gas insulated switchgear and method for detecting arc damage in a gas insulated switchgear part
35 7,816,919 Magnetic resonance apparatus gantry and magnetic resonance apparatus
36 7,816,841 Piezoelectric driven MEMS apparatus and portable terminal
37 7,816,756 Power semiconductor device
38 7,816,746 Spin-tunnel transistor and magnetic reproducing head
39 7,816,739 Semiconductor device using SiGe for substrate
40 7,816,717 Semiconductor memory device
41 7,816,618 Gas insulated switchgear
42 7,816,313 Photoresist residue remover composition and semiconductor circuit element production process employing the same
43 7,816,242 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
44 7,816,215 Semiconductor device manufacturing method
45 7,816,201 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
46 7,816,060 Manufacturing method of semiconductor device, reticle correcting method, and reticle pattern data correcting method
47 7,815,891 Device and method for producing hydrogen
48 7,815,184 Paper sheet separating and take-out device
49 7,815,179 Sheet finishing apparatus and control method
50 7,814,919 Ultrasonic cleaning apparatus