Toshiba patents granted on 20 January 2015

28 US patents granted on 20 January 2015 and assigned to Toshiba

1 8,938,746 Object lens driving device and optical disc drive including the same
2 8,938,616 Authentication method
3 8,938,586 Memory system with flush processing from volatile memory to nonvolatile memory utilizing management tables and different management units
4 8,938,320 Regional energy management system, regional energy integrated management device and regional energy integrated management method used in regional energy management system
5 8,938,277 Planar microstrip filter disposed in a case and having movable structural components spaced at intervals relative to the filter
6 8,938,198 Wireless communication device and medium processing apparatus
7 8,938,123 Electronic device and handwritten document search method
8 8,938,105 Denoising method and system for preserving clinically significant structures in reconstructed images using adaptively weighted anisotropic diffusion filter
9 8,937,958 Router and many-core system
10 8,937,844 Apparatus for generating write data and readout data
11 8,937,832 Magnetic memory
12 8,937,830 Semiconductor memory device
13 8,937,799 Voltage application device, rotation apparatus and voltage application method
14 8,937,785 Magnetic disk apparatus and touchdown determination method
15 8,937,670 Processing video signal imaging apparatus and processing video signal imaging method
16 8,937,590 Information processing apparatus and pointing control method
17 8,937,572 Signal generator, oscillator, and radar device
18 8,937,503 Switch control circuit, semiconductor device, and radio communication device
19 8,937,331 Semiconductor light emitting device
20 8,937,328 Light emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
21 8,937,325 Semiconductor device, wafer, method for manufacturing semiconductor device, and method for manufacturing wafer
22 8,937,286 Solid scintillator and electron beam detector using the same
23 8,937,274 Solid-state imaging device and portable information terminal having a proportion of W pixels increases toward an outer periphery of each pixel block
24 8,936,739 Reciprocating apparatus, method of controlling reciprocating apparatus, and injection molding apparatus
25 8,936,729 Planarizing method
26 8,936,239 Sheet take-out apparatus and sheet take-out method
27 8,935,945 Control system
28 8,935,927 Magnetic refrigerating device and magnetic refrigerating system